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Adopt an orphan today – right into your kitchen

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One of the hardest things for American Christians to do is true religion. We think it’s Sunday morning church services when God says it’s widows and orphans. It’s a huge problem for us. I struggle with this just like many of you do. And if you’ll bear with me today, I’d like to try and help yo…
By Seth Barnes

One of the hardest things for American Christians to do is true religion. We think it’s Sunday morning church services when God says it’s widows and orphans. It’s a huge problem for us. I struggle with this just like many of you do. And if you’ll bear with me today, I’d like to try and help you.

When I ask God about how to wrestle with this issue of true religion, sometimes he discombobulates me like he did a year ago. It was a worship service with our AIM staff – he supernaturally came to me and said, “Take care of my orphans – invite them into your own home and tell others to do the same.” I was absolutely blown away. He showed me that these orphans would crowd our kitchens and our front porches.

I couldn’t contain what God was showing me. It was as though he breathed into me and my heart burst. The whole thing must have looked strange to onlookers. As the staff waited for me to get my act together, I sat in a pew, wracked by sobs, trying to cope with this revelation. I’m not an emotional person, but I was undone.

Since then, we’ve partnered with Tom Davis to care for close to a thousand orphans in Swaziland. Gary Black and his family have taken on about a hundred of them in a place called Nsoko, and every day, it seems, orphans are invading my life from some corner of the world. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this morning my in-box is being deluged with orphan needs.

pakistani orphansToday a man I’ve developed a relationship with in Pakistan named Emmanuel (who has asked me to be his spiritual father) sent me six orphans. The Barnes family has been sponsoring two Pakistani children who were orphaned by an earthquake a couple of years ago. There’s still room in my kitchen for a few more orphans. But I want to share the blessing with a few of you.

More than a thousand of you read this blog daily. I’m betting that some of you will want to invite an orphan into your kitchen too. If you do, please hit the Email Me link to the left and let me know you’re interested. We’ll figure it out from there. This isn’t an organization; this is just a few of us Jesus-followers trying to touch some needy kids. Probably there’s someone out there with some organizational skills that may want to help with their time as well (sending emails back and forth). Here’s Emmanuel’s email to me less than two hours ago:

Dear Dadi Seth,


These are the orphan kids (some of them with family unable to help much). They are looking for your great help.
I am sending their testimonies.

isharDear Uncle Seth, my name is Ashir and I
along with my mother, because 5 years before my father died. We are laborers
and earn daily wages, which is hardly enough to fulfill our need of food,
clothing and necessities of daily life. During summer season there is no job
hence any income.

We are accepting to take loan for our daily financial needs. We are permanently embedded under loan, which is continuously
increasing. There is no way out to get rid of this loan. I and my brother and
sister are born under the debt and there is no chance of release.

I have an idea to get out of such condition but I cannot accomplish
this alone. I need your help. Please help me to get education and food package
so that I may get a better job afterwards and earn better. Your help at this
time shall be like a straw for a drowning man. If you will arrange for my
education, you will not only help me but you will help a family. Your help is
needed to provide me school fees and books and stationary. Hoping for your kind,
prompt and favorable response

Yours Sincerely,

Ishar Iqbal

sunny shanilaDear Uncle Seth, I am Sunny Dilawar. Our
job is Block (brick) making. My father died 3 years ago and mother is heart
patient. We are 2 sisters and one 1 brothers. We get daily wages that are
hardly enough to make the both ends meet.

During raining and summer seasons
there is very hard job, so not getting enough wages. But we have to eat for
survival. The owners of the Block factory give us loan during such days that
our father and mother stay under his feet, I and my brother very happy to go to
school and so many time when we ask our brother to send us into school, he
always refused.

I always told to my parents that
the only way to get out of such situation is to get education and be able to
earn better and when I will get education then will become Teacher and brother
will be Engineer and both of us will help you to get out from this brutal

Please provide me and my sister to get
admission into the school and with availability of books, uniform, school fees
stationary and food. Please kindly stretch your hand for help and obliged my
brother, and me I hope that you will not throw my brother and me in the pit of

Thinking you in

Sincerely yours,

Sunny and Shanila

abbasMy name is Abbas Amant and I am living
with our relative. my aunty is working in the Carpet Factory under Muslims
authority because her husband is drinker and smoker and some time her husband
bit us and abuse us.

My aunty daily earning is very low. Hardly can we afford
for foods and clothes. Above that my aunty family are under debt always. The
job of carpet making is seasonal. In the rainy season job is stopped and my
aunty family have to take money as loan from the owners of the factory. Weekly
wages are so low that there is no possibility of returning the loan money.

I want to change the fate of my family by getting education. But it
is absolutely impossible because of the above-mentioned situation. Therefore, kindly put your kind attention to this need of mine and
help me for getting education and do a better job afterwards. So that there
future of myself family may be changed.

Please receive my thanks in advance I hope for your favorable

Thank you very much again for your time
and consideration.

Yours in Sincerely,

Abbas Amant

shar ali saraMy name is
Shar Ali Khan. Dear Uncle Seth, 2
years before my parents died in the accident.

My brother is labor in the factory as sweeper. He works very hard. His greatest
desire is to educate brother sister, and us but he cannot pay our school fees
properly. Already 4-month fee in pending and if he will not be able to pay our
fees may be our names struck off from the school register.

Our living and daily
food goes on our brother income, but day-by-day future of our schooling is
getting darker and darker. Sometimes we work with our brother to get money and
bring some useful things for hose-hold. But our brother gets embarrassed with
that. In fact we cannot help our brother until and unless we learn in school and
then get some skills in training school.

We need your great help for food and support to get education.

Yours sincerely,

Shar Ali Khan and Sara

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