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I’m not dead yet!

One of my favorite scenes from The Holy Grail is where the old guy proclaims, “I’m not dead yet!” It’s 5:01 pm and I’m still here. And so is everybody else at this Christian conference. But one of the leaders of the rapture fever group says we still have an hour left, so check back at 6 pm and …
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
One of my favorite scenes from The Holy Grail is where the old guy proclaims, “I’m not dead yet!” It’s 5:01 pm and I’m still here. And so is everybody else at this Christian conference. But one of the leaders of the rapture fever group says we still have an hour left, so check back at 6 pm and let me know if you’re still here.
If we’re all still here in another hour, I guess we can write off yesterday’s post about May 21 being my final one.
And if that happens, let me suggest a few things we can learn from this failed forecast:
  • if somebody is dogmatic about something that is nebulous, be careful
  • kooky people can give folks an excuse to write-off normal people
  • failed predictions injure credibility
  • still, you don’t want to sit in the seat of the scoffer
  • apologies help wipe the slate clean
If you’re still here after 6 pm, let me know. I’ll be interested to see what people say next.

Comments (16)

    • It’s been over an hour.

      I’m enjoying the lake by Stone Mountain. I suppose the folks in heaven might have the same view.

  • It just turned 6 here in the DFW area, Texas. I mean we are on different time zones but I’m sure the rapture could happen at 6 oclock in every time zone right. 🙂 Jesus is able! 🙂
    Actually, the sad thing is that I have been sooooooo out of touch with… well, shall I say reality or unreality…that I didn’t even know about this doomsday today thingie until a few hours ago…and then as I looked at the date and realized I only had a few hours to live!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, on this earth that is. But, well, I’m still here and I would be profoundly shocked if any one person ever predicted the rapture to occur… that would go against the Word of God. Those poor souls who followed that man’s predictions obviously wasted precious time proclaiming false news rather than the good news. I hope they aren’t disillusioned and will flee that man’s teachings and never look back.

  • dear brethren, i heard earlier today..like around 2pm–that the rapture prediction was ‘called off’.
    i didn’t read the story.
    i feel kinda bad for mr. camp–the guy who started all this about today’s rapture event.
    i know he’s an old guy, so i hope we can cut him some slack.
    i’ve done really stupid stuff before myself.
    we forgive you mr camp…it’s ok,
    we’ll see the whole world mock you,
    but we, your brethren,don’t have to join in….
    love, marilyn in new york

  • The best way to tell whether someone is a true prophet or not is to see whether or not his prophecies come true…Guess what, although the Bible DOESN’T tell us when the end of the world as we know it will come, it does warn us about false prophets…As Jesus predicted many have been deceived; unfortunately, situations such as the “May 21 Doomsday” hoopla provides unbelievers with yet another excuse to dismiss Christians as crazies. “How great is love the Father has lavished on us that we should be called, ‘children of God’ — and that is what we are! The reason that the world does not know us is that it did not know him.” 1 John 3:1ff

  • I’m still here! I still have the chance of spreading God’s Word, and loving people as He does.
    It’s sad that there are so many people who believed Mr. Camping. And now they don’t know where to turn. We need to lift them up in prayer that they may know the Truth in Jesus and learn to trust/depend on the Lord – and only the Lord, and not some man (or woman). We need to pray for Mr. Camping that he may also know the Truth, and learn to trust/depend on only the Lord.
    I hope that when I get to heaven I will see Mr. Camping and his followers, because they need Jesus just as much as I do, and if they are there then that means that they KNEW (and believed in) Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior here on this earth.

  • Hey Seth…I was raptured and came back to write a bestselling book about what occurred…:)

  • I personally think we could take a lot of posative things from this experience. For one, they were willing to take big chances and stake a lot on what they believed. If I’m honest, I often struggle to act that strongly on much of what I say I believe. While it is true that it is important to rightly divide scripture, at least he tried. How often I have said, “let it be what it will be” because I didn’t want to spend the effort seaking understanding.

    The second benefit I see from this is that it gave us all a reason to reflect a little on how we are spending our time, and ask what we believe and why. Certainly, that’s not a bad thing.

    And thirdly, sometimes our beliefs need to be shaken. Better to dare to believe and face dissapointment, than to go through life playing it safe and never taking a risk.

    We are responsible for what we teach, and I can only pray that this man will also accept his mistake and be and example of humility and grace in the face of criticism. And really, most teachers/preachers I know have admitted to teaching something in the past that they no longer agree with.

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