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Voodoo in Haiti proves the reality of evil

In America, we are slowly turning into a nation of doubters. A lot of people think that one religion is as good as another. We believe in the power of psychiatry before we believe in the power of God. We read about demons in the Bible, but all that stuff about a personal evil seems archaic. In…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

In America, we are slowly turning into a nation of doubters. A lot of people think that one religion is as good as another. We believe in the power of psychiatry before we believe in the power of God. We read about demons in the Bible, but all that stuff about a personal evil seems archaic.

In other parts of the world, they laugh at this kind of skepticism. Haiti is such a place. Josh and Bekah Spurgeon have been in Haiti and met a missionary named Ben who explained why in this report.

Voodoo lingers like a dark cloud over the atmosphere. Voodoo curses are the number one cause of death in Haiti. Ben informed us that once someone had been cursed, they are dead within 3 days. He saw many cursed people and never saw or ever heard of anyone making it past 3 days. 

Victims of curses are attacked with illness and when taken to the hospital they are asked if they believe there has been a curse put on them. When the hospital finds out they have been cursed, they refuse to continue giving them care and send them home because no amount of medicine can stop their fate. 

There is one exception.  Curses are not affective on followers of Jesus Christ.  Some of you are completely skeptical right now, which is exactly how I would have been before I was in Haiti myself. Our friend Ben earned the respect of many witch doctors in the area and was allowed to attend voodoo ceremonies.

As man of God, he felt armored to be in such situations and would not recommend anyone that is not spiritually mature in their faith to attend a voodoo ceremony. He has seen people levitate across the room as they are possessed by spirits. He has had a demon look him in the eye and try to take his life. When He said the name of Jesus he watched the demon shrink back into the corner of the room like a frightened child.

Ben told us about a local Haitian man that visited a witch doctor with the intent to curse a Christian man. The witch doctor did a ritual and then lifted a small mirror and asked “Is this the man you wish to curse?” The mirror was completely blank.

The witch doctor turned pale. After 20 years of practicing voodoo he had never experienced a blank mirror. He poured ashes around the mirror and prayed to an even darker spirit. This time when he lifted the mirror and asked the question, it was blank again. He prayed to an even more powerful demon, one he had never had to call on, and covered the edges of the mirror in chicken blood.

This time when he lifted the mirror and asked the man that had sought his help “Is this the man you wish to curse?” The man screamed and ran into the other room. The witch doctor looked into the mirror and there he saw the image of a hand pierced with a large nail and blood dripping from the nail down the outside of the mirror.

This image was the hand of Jesus and the man meant to be cursed was protected by the Savior. Ben cried as he told us this story.  As for the witch doctor, he became a believer and moved to America to share this story and preach the love of Jesus.

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  • Yes but there are crossovers between various traditions. Quite a number of Christian pastors are far more manipulative and dangerous to the vulnerable than houngans. There is far more to it than meets the eye. Many Christian pastors worship pagan gods secretly.

  • I was in Haiti in October 2012 when Sandy started as a tropical storm. There was definitely an evil presence there,but not once did I feel at harms way. There was a sense of safety and peace and I know it was because of my Savior Jesus Christ. His presence is powerful and for those who believe, the enemy has been defeated!! I love the Lord!

  • Hi Seth, I am writing a book and one chapter explores evil in Haiti. I read the testimonial from the Missionary Ben on your blog. Would you or he please allow me to use that testimony in my book. I would be grateful to use such an authentic account of what is clearly evil, to serve as a warning. The book is a Christian book, warning that we will account to God for everything … and not to take evil lightly. Regards and God bless, William Newton-Wordsworth, Australia

  • YEAH!!! I love this kind of testimony. There is greater power in the name of Jesus than anything on earth. “Greater is He that is in you, then he that is in the world” 1 John 4:4
    Thanks for sharing!


  • Curses are indeed very real there and the power of voodoo is not to be dismissed, though it can’t hold a candle to the power of Jesus. I do know people who were not Christians and not only survived past 3 days- but 20+ years later are indeed still alive. They might have experienced physical crippling and sicknesses…but they were not snuffed out in 3 days. Hospitals in PAP area would treat people whether they had been cursed or not too. Still, voodoo is not something to dismiss lightly…and effective ministry in Haiti requires both Haitian and foreign Christians to be aware of its influence, and to fully know their own identity in Christ if they are going to see people set free.

  • Thought this was all hooey til I spent some time in the DR and Haiti. It is very real indeed.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that satanic oppression and posession are much more prevalent than most would ever consider. We have instead come up w/ fancy names and conditions to explain much of it away, combined w/ drugs to help us cope.

  • I think we see/hear so little of this stuff in America because our watered down version of Christianity is sadly of little danger to evil…

  • A year ago I would have dismissed this, but not today! I recently got married to a 3rd generation missionary who grew up in the jungles of Venezuela. She has definitely changed my mind on these things.

  • I know voodoo and witchcraft is real because I was involved in the occult for many years prior to getting saved. I saw things that would make anyone’s hair stand on end. I am so glad I’m saved and delivered from all of that… I honestly don’t know what I was thinking to traverse that life. I remember an ex-satanist once told me, the devil is a pebble next to Jesus. Amen, glory to God!

  • What a testimony of God’s power. I believe people don’t believe in God because they don’t believe in satan and his demons anymore. But I can testify they are very real and all around us. Most people are not aware that voodooo is practiced right here in the United States as well as Satanism. We Christians truly need to be armed with the Word of God, Prayer and all the rest. Satan is fighting harder for the souls of man as the time of God draws near. We must be steadfast in prayer and take on the Armour of God. Thank you for the reminder that demons do still cringe at the mention of the name of Jesus. I have been experiencing spiritual warfare myself, and have used Jesus name repeatedly. Your words are reassuring.

  • I am skeptical about this topic. Yes, every one is in the beginning till he/she experiences it. My belief is if I have faith in the Almighty nothing can affect me.

  • Seth, did you hear about our team’s experience last week?? Will have a blog up about it on the myadventures site shortly :).

  • I have been researching the voodoo (Vodou in Haiti) religion for some time now for a work project. And I Can say this is the biggest load off bull I have ever read! The Voodoo religion is often misunderstood as being dark and evil however it is not and celebrates life. Vodou originated in the French slave colony of Saint-Domingue in the 18th century, when African religious practice was actively suppressed, and enslaved Africans were forced to convert to Christianity. I am an atheist and have no problem with any religion. However I cannot see one represented in such a one sided, fictional manner.

  • Barrie- Have you been to Haiti? Though there are different forms of vodou and some forms could be considered by some as not “dark and evil”, every Haitian knows of the dark and evil side of vodou and any cursory research will reveal that there is indeed a branch of vodou that is very much recognized as “dark and evil.”

    Beyond that, all you have to do is talk to a wide range of Haitians, and you would not venture such a misinformed statement as “biggest load of bull.” Having lived in Haiti and been going to it for 25 years, there are MANY Haitians I know who have been negatively effected by vodou and have no problem telling you why.

    This year while interviewing people for microenterprise loans I heard many accounts of vodou practices that can only be described as “evil.” These firsthand accounts were not “coaxed” or even expected since my questions were related to microenterprise issues, not vodou- but their lives had been scarred by vodou, so for some, it came up in their life stories. For those I know who were meant for human sacrifices and actually escaped, it is more than insulting to not call it “evil.”

    Besides all my firsthand account knowledge and experience of vodou, I have also done research on vodou this year as a graduate student and presented a number of papers on it. Thus, no disrespect, as if you are just going by “internet research” or sourcing particular streams I could see where you’d get some of your info, but I’m afraid you are no expert on vodou, nor widely-informed.

    So I guess I am left to wonder who indeed is hanging out with the bulls.

  • This is a load of crap,,if it was the hand of Jesus it would have been pierced through the wrist,,,if you were educated you would know that if people were pierced through the hands during crucifixion they would fall down because the hand I made of small bones that aren’t strong enough to support an adult.

  • ummmmmmm i dont know know where you get this from but it is not all evil you need check ur facts before you go and say untruthful stuff. YOU ARE AN OUTSIDER looking in so dont say stuff that not truth you christian blinder. im chrstian and im not even as stupid as you

  • I believe in witch doctor. In my Island in province of the Phillipines I am the witness of that. A relative of my dad they went a evil witch doctor they made my dad so sick he almost died…He had to get cured by someone who knows how to cure people who do voodoo stuff my dad got cure..My dad relatives did that to him due to there evil jealousy of my dad because my dad was doing good in life and him coming to United States…

  • I am going to quote you: “Though there are different forms of vodou and some forms could be considered by some as not “dark and evil”,
    I am quoting you. So which forms of voodoo..thats how im going to spell it, cause I could care less how it is spelled…which forms of voodoo are not DARK AND EVIL. I will not put quotes around dark and evil as you did. I would love it if you could enlighten us on which forms of satanic worship are not dark and evil. Please…enlighten us. Why do you put the word EVIL in quotes throughout your entire post? For instance…you say: “This year while interviewing people for microenterprise loans I heard many accounts of vodou practices that can only be described as “evil.” What purpose do the quotes around the word EVIL serve in that sentence? Its almost as if you don’t believe in evil. That is normally why someone would keep putting quotes around a word. Can you answer that? Keep up your research on voodoo. See I don’t know if you really believe that voodoo is not evil, or if you are trying to convince people that its not. Christians know it is. People who worship satan which is what you do when you practice voodoo know it is evil. I will pray for you. OH GREAT AND MIGHTY GOD, SEND YOUR WARRING ANGELS TO PROTECT ME, MY FAMILY AND MY FRIENDS FROM EVIL. I PRAY THAT THE PERSON WHO I AM RESPONDING TO WILL FIND JESUS. I PRAY FOR THIS LOST SOULS PROTECTION. IN JESUS’ MIGHTY NAME I PRAY, AMEN.

  • Angel…You say you are a Christian right after you called this person a “Christian blinder” and right before you called this person “stupid”. I know you are not a Christin. Angel, if you believe the lie that voodoo is not evil, or if you are angry for this person exposing voodoo and the satanic world it worships I am not sure. I am almost sure, but not completely. I would lean towards you know it is the truth and it angers you when someone exposes voodoo for what it is. Do you know that satan hates God’s children? We are all God’s children. The very thing voodoo worships is grinning from ear to ear as he destroys every single one of his worshipers. Very sad. I will pray for your salvation.

  • My husband, a Christian went on a mission trip to Africa. When he came back, he left me for another woman. While there he treated a girl who had been messed up by a with doctor. I just wondered if there could have been a connection.

  • You are absolutely right! A relative visited Haiti; attended a ceremony; witnessed a possession (doing wonderous things) and without even invoking the name of Christ, the child possessed hid underneath a table, shriveled up like a scared infant when she came near. With that being said, my relative is a very very strong believer in Jesus Christ. Perhaps her mere thoughts of Jesus Christ is just as powerful. We not only sin by our words but by our thoughts. So the opposite must be true as well. Besides your post, I have also heard similar encounters from independent sources and each time it is the same result. (Which must make it true!)

    Good vs. Evil is real folks and Jesus Christ IS Lord. The “good life” doesn’t have to end after this world, a better one awaits. Do not follow the traditions of men and follow “the way” and you WILL be rewarded. Time is of the essense. I deal with it everyday, knowing the truth but just getting caught up as we battle just to earn a living (which is distracting) and trying to live by Christ and trying to spread the word. We must be organized and smart. On that note, the underworld is “very” organized, using “gaining wisdom” as a selling point (lies!) or “power and money” (that comes with a price!). Ultimately, good WILL win but I’d like to be on the winning team (among the few) and I know you would too! Lest not judge other Christian denominations. Anyone who goes forth in the name of Christ is on our side. “Whoever is for me, is not against me.” (My relative was a “Catholic.” While I do not particularly agree with a lot of the aspects of this Christian denomination, your faith in Christ is all the same). The (KJV) Bible (the Word of God) is our sword and shield. In my POV, it must be read in its entirety to fully understand God’s plan and the truth about this world, consider it a bar-to-entry by Himself. How committed are you? Go spread the word and let’s really save lives!


  • You are absolutely right my friend. “Pharmacy” – from the Greek “Pharmakeia”, for “Sorcery”.

    Ever wondered why alcohol are called “spirits.” Only time I ever had no recollection of my actions “and” was operative was when I was drunk on vodka. I wasn’t in control. Beware.

    Do not inhale strange smoke or get drunk on “strong drink.”

    “Aliens” from other planets? No. “Demons” from other dimensions? Yes.

    It’s just history repeating itself in “fancy” words or “deception.”

    “Science” or “Psy”-ence? Only thing that has ever came in between God’s word and what is actually happening. (The Bible also said the earth was round!) Google the “God particle.” It is the “scientific term” to forfeit some conventional scientic beliefs to deem that there is a “God” that is holding up the universe without saying that it is actally Him (like for the “lack of a better word.” Which led to anger some scientists.) In the bible it says that He holds up the universe.

    Schizophrenia or demoic possession? Hmm I am going to go with the latter. When has science cured this phenomenon?

    We also were never created “stupid” or “neanderthal-ish”; another lie and contradicts Adam and Eve being created perfect. Who goes to say we were not more “technologically advanced” thousands of years ago? We have (for lack of a better example, sorry) pyramids that we cannot fathom how they were created today.

    It’s just history repeating itself folks; reinvented in different ways to confuse us!

    Watch less television (ditch your favorite “program.”) that makes us idle!

    Let’s wake up and spread the word! “The truth shall set you free.”

  • I’ve heard similar stories. These people usually become the strongest believers. Sometimes it takes walking up on the wrong path to find the truth. Amen.

  • Absolutely. Remember that the United States was founded on freedom, which also means “freedom to worship who you please.”

    So it makes sense why “satanism” is viewed so passively and harmlessly.

    For the record, “we are not free to do what we want” without facing God come judgement. This is the deceiving message being sent to us daily. “Do what thou wilt.”

  • Seriously Barbie, stop your lies…

    Open up to the truth.

    You can’t know the truth without analyzing both sides. I’ve witnessed these both sides and know of practitioners that saw this truth and barely came out of the occult alive.

    The argument I often encounter is that this is a white religion vs black religion thing. Which lacks substance and is not intelligently sound. The Bible started in the one continent (the African continent?) and ended up in the New World (the Americas).

    For the record God doesn’t have a color.

    So I prefer Haitian Gospel opposed to Haitian Vodou.

    Jesus Christ is Lord.

  • Today we are often told it was the hands when it could very well of been the wrists.

    If God was to send a message, wouldn’t he show us the sign of what we are most familiar with?

    Your argument is very sound, logical and intelligent do not get me wrong.

    However, “Words of men are foolish unto the Lord.”

    Jesus Christ is Lord.

  • Lisa, I’m sorry that this has happened to you. If your husband would do such a wicked thing, then he was a deceiver and not a child of God, but rather a child of Satan.
    Think back in your relationship and see if you can remember any things he would do or say that may have been subtle hints that he was not what he appeared to be. Usually with anything so devastating there is a much longer path that developed well before the event. Christian men do not just loose their minds and their way all of a sudden.
    Whatever you do remember this: If you and he are each other’s original spouse, then you CANNOT remarry as long as he is alive. You must remain unmarried or else be reconciled to your husband. This is an area of understanding and obedience that is lacking in so many that claim to be a Christian. There is no such thing as an “exception clause”. If you are fully consummated in marriage then there is no way out of the bond of marriage except death. PLEASE don’t do what he did! This is a salvation issue of life and death. Stay single and honor your side of the commitment no matter what.
    May the Lord bless you and keep you.

  • Cool post, but I really did get skeptical after you said that the voodoo doesn’t work on people who believe in Jesus Christ. Absurde! The French population in Haiti believed in Jesus and tried to force that belief upon the Africans (Dahomeian diaspora), and the Africans used voodoo to revolt against them. Some of the biggest workers of witchcraft are Christians themselves. Witchcraft doesn’t only come in te shape of rituals and saying foreign phrases. It lies in trickery and deception as well, and Christianity from a European standpoint has been used to trick the masses and deceive the common folk. So many Europeans have changed the original Hebrew and Aramaic texts to benefit themselves in their conquest to destroy this world for the betterment of themselves that it’s sickening. So many brainwashed indigenous people of this world claiming that they only read the KJV but not even knowing the atrocities that King James is responsible for (mass enslavement of people of colour and indigenous people, burning and drowning of “witches”, the list goes on.). If hell exists, King James is burning in the hottest oven in the deepest depths of the underworld. And to close, there are so many church leaders who are deceiving their congregations in numerous ways… if that’s not voodoo……

  • I love reading the illogical and emotional words from people who are devout. Hey, you have a religion that tells you what to do, so you don’t have to do any thinking on yourself about morality or shades of gray. That must be a simple life, and I almost wish I could live that way.

    But alas, I live with critical thinking, logic, and kindness to those who aren’t ignorant. I’m sorry to say this, but your religion is archaic. The bible is filled with inaccuracies and contradictions. I believe there is something like your god, but he’s a kid with an ant farm. He had no idea what he was doing and lost interest long ago.

    Before you judge me, know that it’s a sin to do so. Instead, try to think outside of your box. Keep your religion, by all means. But please try to understand that it’s not what’s governing or true with the modern person. And it’s not because our society is crumbling. It’s because we are holding on to fairy tales less and less in the new age of knowledge. Knowledge is enlightening and powerful. Living by a book written over a thousand years ago without adapting it to flux with modern day is not logical or practical. We believe in the power of psychiatry because there are visible and recordable evidence. You cannot compare it to religion in that way.


  • Of course there are Vodouisants who use Vodou to dark and evil ends. There are also Christians who use Christianity to dark and evil ends, including televangelists who steal and embezzle, sexual abuse scandals, inquisitions etc. The only difference is Vodouisants aren’t hypocritical enough to pretend the dark side of their religion doesn’t exist. I would reckon MANY more innocent people in this world have died in the name of Christianity than Vodou. You don’t want to be judged by your worst examples but you’re perfectly happy to judge us by ours. “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” (Matthew 7:5)

  • I totally agree with you I have a BA in anthropology with an emphasis on Vodun, it breaks my heart that this culturally and spiritually blessed people are so vilified by the world, but then again the world that judged them are Christians, voodoo is a combination of 4 African tribal religions that assimilate into one through the medium slavery and the creole language was born as a way for the freedom fighting slaves to secretly communicate moreover you cannot have a country of slaves revolt against slavery and win, just at the same time the United States had just been formed as an active slave country, imagine if the slaves in the baby US revolted and was successful how different would our history be and lastly why don’t we still follow Greek Roman or Egyptian religions, I will tell everyone it is because on a social level the masses and social occurrences in the right circumstances makes the common social member want demand and make a believe system for them, Christianity started that way Islam started that way and so did voodoo, a social response to a social need,,,and how sad and heartbreaking it is that nobody sees the scientific value of being able to observe the path of how and why a religion forms through voodoo because it is so historically new and fresh but it could potentially give us insight into how Christians formed and Islam formed because we cannot go back 2000 years or 1400 years but 250-300 years the history is still fact fresh and not diluted by the generations,, so shame on the butt head for being so narrow minded and judgement doesn’t Christianity say judge yea least you be judged and LOVE ALL,,,sorry for the rant but my Haiti has my heart anthropologicaly speaking and I will defend her

  • * I read with interest your very enlightening and informative narrative about the Voodoo practices in Haiti. No doubt that voodoo practices are forms of demon worship which draws the wrath of God upon the nation. I believe the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti which killed over 300,000 people is part of God’s judgment upon Haiti. Sadly, my county the Philippines is following the footsteps of Haiti in witchcraft and other voodoo practices. If the Philippines and other countries practicing voodoo will not repent, i believe the same magnitude of divine judgment will fall on these nations, which will kill and destroy thousands of lives.

  • Was just googling…I don’t know what a vodoo is. Thanks Christians and am also a Christian and don’t want to fall into temptations. Its not only bread that can make man survive…I will stick to my God he will help me with my temptations…I have never worshipped devil and I now fear him even more after reading you. In Jesus name I pray Amen!

  • I am Haitian and I was born in Haiti but was raised in the US since I was 3. Witchcraft in Haiti exists and it is absolutely disgusting. I hate it with a deep passion and I stay away from anyone who practices it, even family members. I suffered a great deal in my life inwardly and outwardly due to being born into a family with members who practiced it, even though I never partook in it. I find it offensive that you would say it isn’t evil. It is Satanic and involves all types of mental illness. It has crippled the country to its ruins. Only the hand and power of God can pull the country out of it. I, myself, could never attend a ceremony. I would be too afraid given I was raised by a remnant of it (my father). People who say it is not evil either practice it or accept it. It makes them feel powerful and untouchable but it is really a delusion of evils.

  • In reference to the realitys of voodoo…. I have a story which ill keep short. ive bin under attack by a Haitian fella i was seeing for few mnths. Spring Of 2020 i realized he was not good for me. Im into the church and he was not. He didnt know how to treat women, & He started putting my SAVIOR down. He told me a 1/2 story that he’d gone to Haiti to help pay it forward bcz they’re so in need. While there he said he asked about a medicine man, I did Not pursue the conversation to ask if he visited a Witch doctor or why ? Sometime later on he made a comment out of the blue , He told me to leave the church, I didnt answer him, but i knew to drop him outa my life completely!! Needless to say he didnt take it well & couple months later his Witchcraft attacks began at nites, I was waking up to Demons penetrated in my body, I start praying immediately n his demons were trying to step on my prayers an speak thru me! A rough experience. This went on till this past march. But he then changed his strategy n hes bin sending demons to shoot sharp hot stinging pangs to every area of my body. From the tips of my toes, knees, legs, thighs , breasts , etc etc to the top of my head. Hes attacking my eyes so that my left lid is darker than my right n sore . Also Every nite n morning i wake up to a BLOATED Stomach which i start Intensely praying and it releases by burping, flatulence, nose runs…. This experience is still shocking to me. He asked me several times in dec 2019 to give him something to remember me by, how Treacherous. I was told thats how they put curses, Using personal
    items. Somehow he gets into my dreams 3xs trying to feed me but Ive not taken the food from him, which also makes me very suspicious in waking life. I’M still in this strong Warfare with this person everyday, day n nite praying the Blood of Jesus Rebuking n waiting to be broken out if this situation… I belive hes got me tied into some sort of soul tie. Crazy Idk what to do somedays.. But voodoo is real!! Even so To God be the Glory.

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