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We Are Sons & Daughters of the King of Kings

Speaking to a group of leaders in Ongole, India last March, we declared that they were sons, not orphans. Then we proved it – there were hugs, prayers and foot washing by those who had loved them well and were there for them. You would think this wasn’t necessary. These men are leaders. Bu…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

Speaking to a group of leaders in Ongole, India last March, we declared that they were sons, not orphans. Then we proved it – there were hugs, prayers and foot washing by those who had loved them well and were there for them.

You would think this wasn’t necessary. These men are leaders. But the dirty little secret even leaders struggle with is “I’m not a son, but an orphan.” It is the source of all kinds of evil. It started two world wars and a series of genocides in the last century.

Jesus’ ministry was one of demonstrating sonship (and daughtership) over and over again. Pouring out of the abundance of the kingdom in the form of healing and parties and faith. Confirming identity through words of affirmation.

Always Enough

He told stories to reinforce the principles of abundance and celebration. The story of the wedding banquet. The story of seeds growing and lost sheep being found.

He called this place of sonship and love “the kingdom.” When he compared it to valuable and growing things like yeast, treasures, and pearls, he was saying, “You are special. You’re mine, and there’s always enough.”*

You know you belong to God and you’re a son or a daughter when your mind stops worrying and you feel the fruit of peace and even joy.

You know you belong to him when you know you’re ok. You don’t have to perform.

Orphans live in a place of gnawing hunger and insecurity. They think thoughts like, “I better grab what I can before it all disappears.”

Have you lived with this kind of insecurity before? Do you find yourself wondering if there will be enough? If so, you may want to ask why that’s so. Often it comes from a childhood where you had to fend for yourself. The insecurity you may have felt was such a constant, gnawing sensation, that it dogs you still.

The pantry is stocked

God wants to set his kids free from that. He wants them to live knowing that he’ll provide.

Sons and daughters know that the pantry is well-stocked and that the party will continue on long into the night.

This is the good news of the kingdom we call the Gospel. This is the glad tidings of joy we have to share.

Our Father has given us a mission to share this news with a world full of those who see themselves as orphans. He has commissioned us with that task. It is a great commission indeed.


* Matthew 13

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  • Thank you Seth. The father heart of God is what his children long to learn about and I believe it is a worldwide move to wake up the hearts of the children to know their identity. When we change our belief system as Christians and start believing the truths that he said about us. Everything Will Change. God doesn’t want us to try to be better caterpillars he wants us to see ourselves as the New Creation The Butterfly with Wings not the caterpillar that can’t fly. Caterpillars have two distinct DNA’s. One is for the caterpillar (which will dissolve) and the other for the ” New creation” when it turns into the butterfly. We are a whole new species!! We should stop trying to be “better caterpillars.” We are a whole new species! 🙂
    I don’t want to die a caterpillar!! o/

  • No worries, Kit – that’s the way I took it. I like the way you expressed God’s offer to all of us.

  • Yes and Amen Seth! The King has set His table – an endless feast with all the King’s finest is upon it. The chairs that line either side of the table each have a name on it. That seat there has YOUR name on it! You have a seat at the King’s table! You no longer need to dumpster dive and eat from the garbage cans to get your needs met. You are complete in Christ! You lack nothing! Yes, know who you are! You are a child of the King. I do believe it is more difficult to receive than to give. The enemy has layered shame, rejection and pride over our true identity and without actively rejecting those lies and fully receiving our true inheritance we will never walk in this truth. It is true regardless how we may feel. Receive your inheritance brothers and sisters! You have royal blood running through our veins!

    Gal. 2:20 “I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”

  • To Seth – my post above wasn’t meant to be directed AT you but rather to all of us in Christ. Just came out that way. Sorry brother 😉

  • Yesterday I got to experience a new layer of this. There was some chocolate cake in the break room yesterday morning. My natural instinct was to grab a piece before it was gone. Food disappears REALLY fast in our break room. Like sometimes it’s devoured in seconds. But it was also 9am and I really didn’t need (or frankly want) any chocolate cake to wash down my breakfast… So instead of setting some aside for myself, I decided I’d wait until lunch. If the cake was still there at lunch, I’d have some. If there wasn’t, no loss. (I was secretly hoping it’d be gone). Four hours later, not only was there still a few piece of the original cake left, there was a SECOND chocolate cake. Two chocolate cakes. One day. It was like God was showing me I don’t have to hoard or grab right away, there will be enough. What I thought would disappear can be multiplied when He’s involved. Oh and the chocolate cake I had with my lunch was probably the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had.

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I'm motivated to join God in his global reclamation project. He's on the move, setting his sons and daughters free from their places of captivity. And he's partnering with those of us who have been freed to go and free others.

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