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A demonstration of power

I don't know about you, but I need regular reminders of the power of God. Michael Sanders is in Kenya and gives us a modern day reminder that what Paul said to the Corinthians – "My message was with a demonstration of power" – is still true today. He lay in a coma.  There wa…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

I don't know about you, but I need regular reminders of the power of God. Michael Sanders is in Kenya and gives us a modern day reminder that what Paul said to the Corinthians – "My message was with a demonstration of power" – is still true today.

He lay in a coma.  There was a tube connected through his nose that was sucking the poison out of his body.  On the floor was a bag filling with the poison, a thick green substance.  He was as good as dead.

It was my first time visiting the hospital here in Busia.  All my senses were hit with the sound and smell and taste and touch of sickness and death.  It was as thick in the place as a cloud of smoke that rises up out of the kitchen after you’ve burnt yet another dinner.

He lay there motionless, unresponsive to any of our prayers, and yet…  we couldn’t stop praying.  We prayed for about 15 minutes, and our translator was ready to move on to the next bed.  Andy and I made eye contact, and we both knew – our work wasn’t finished.  We continued to pray passionately for this man to come back to life for over an hour.  As we prayed, our prayers became more and more bold, and faith was shooting up and out the ceiling.  One by one, others members of the team walked over to the bed side and began praying fervently.  I prayed for an ‘open heaven’ over him, and that God would rain down healing upon him.  

Soon there were about 15 people surrounding Michael’s bedside, most from our team but also some people who were in the hospital joined us in our efforts.  We began to worship God loudly and openly in that ward, and people all around began to pray.  Suddenly the wind picked up outside until the windows were shaking.  People rushed over to close the windows as the storm quickly developed all around the hospital.  Soon it was down pouring rain and the wind was shaking the building.  We sang louder, we prayed with more boldness, and continued our efforts.  I kept calling out to him, “Come alive!  Come alive!”  After another 30 minutes, we said our final amen.

Ashley and Andy were in tears and didn’t want to leave the bedside, almost out of fear that they would return to hear of Michael’s death.  What do you do when you spend it all in prayer and God doesn’t show up?  How do you cope with that?  I just smiled, and told them it was time to go.  Something inside me just knew he would come back to life, and I knew it wasn’t going to take long.

Sure enough, our team went back the following day and Michael was out of his coma!  He came back to life!  The poison left his body (just as we commanded it to in the name of Jesus) and he was able to speak with the team about his experience.  He told them that he didn’t hear the prayers, but that he felt them!  He was going through intense spiritual warfare, and the enemy wanted him dead.  I remember while praying for him the night before, hearing these voices saying over and over “He’s gonna die, He’s gonna die!”  Jesus kept saying “He’s my son, He’s gonna live!” and so I took Jesus’ side 😉

The second day at the hospital they ministered to Michael, cast some demons out of him, and then he gave his life to Jesus!

SO much faith rose in that place that everywhere the team looked people were praying and worshiping God.  The Holy Spirit exploded in that hospital!  Patients with arms raised to heaven, on their knees, family members on their faces before God.  One bed-ridden woman who hadn’t walked in over a month proclaimed faith in Jesus and got up and walked!  The nurses told the team that many people were released to go home the day after we came and prayed!

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  • I truly believe in the power of Prayer and I have complete
    faith in the miracles that a true prayer can bring about. I can almost feel how charged the room must have been and when the prayer reached a crescendo the whole room must have
    vibrated with the presence of God.

  • That was so powerful! I give GOD all praise and glory for HIS mercey and grace. Nothing can stop HIS power when HE still has purpose for us in the earth. HE is The Almighty GOD!
    Father, thank You so much for who You are and for the honor You bestow upon us to be used as vessels that You move through.

  • Thank you for this post, it is very encouraging. I look forward to the day that I can/will be apart of a moment/life like that. I believe in His power, I have seen some healing, but I long for the day to see His true power manifested. Again, thank you.

  • This is an awesome testamony of the power of prayer & faithfulness of the believers to pray “believing” & yet leaving those prayers at God’s throne for Him to do His will. Bless all those warriors whose prayers were heard, & God providing sustaining life to this individual.Amen!

  • This is awesome!! Thank you for sharing as it confirms and reassures me.
    My husband has diabetes, type 1, and often goes through battles at night which don’t at all seem like they’re caused by low blood sugar but more like a battle disguised by the outward manifestations of low blood sugars.
    This last experience I had, I prayed fervently for two hours straight over him, commanding confusion, choking, teeth grinding, moaning & low blood sugar to leave his body in the name of Jehova Jirah, they had no permission to be there and they needed to leave and go straight to the abyss never to return.
    I was very calm but strong – a first for me, filled by the power of the holy spirit.
    Each time his outward manifestations reappeared, I would pray harder, and he would soon let out a breath and then be peaceful. We repeated this process until his last breath out and no more moaning and teeth grinding. And a short few minutes later he awoke, suddenly, like as if out of a trance.
    He told me, after regaining some strength, as he couldn’t talk well at first, that his heel was very sore. That this was the HARDEST he’s ever had to fight and that satan was gripping onto him, by the achilles, so tightly that his leg was extremely sore and painful. It was a hard, hard battle for him. But the power of the Holy Spirit in me was victorious.
    Until hearing this story, I hadn’t been completely convinced the Spirit was able to work through me….
    so thank you for sharing..

  • WOW! I just want to comment on Rachel’s testimony…What a POWERFUL move of GOD through HIS Holy Spirit. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. I am even more encouraged in the Lord because again it shows just how Mighty of a GOD we serve.
    Rachel, I pray that you and your husband and the rest of your family remain blessed, strong in the Lord and through the power of HIs might!

    Father, I give YOU all praise and glory!!!

  • I don’t believe in god, i would just like to make that clear first. I do, however, have questions about him/her/it so i can better understand religion as a whole.
    First of all, is god a person? (if so him or her? Black or white?) or is god a thing? (what kind of thing? e.g. energy, ghost, giant ball of goo)

    How does god operate if he loves all yet forces innocents to suffer, sometimes even from the hands of those that claim to serve him . (gays is the main example here since surely god loves them too)(also if god loves all that means he loves men so doesn’t that make god atleast a little bi-sexual?)

    What is the deal with the dinosaurs? Are they a past experiment of his that he got bored with? Do you believe they never existed at all? (if so what do you think about the fossils?)

    Do aliens exist? if so, explain how that fits in please. If not, why?

    I assume that god is good and the devil is bad (correct me if i am wrong about that). I get how the devil would be the one to lead you to sin, but if people dying is part of god’s plan (not the devil’s) then surely he is the evil one and perhaps the devil only tries to lead us away from god’s worship for us to see the real truth.

    Finally, why don’t miracles ever happen on national tv or somewhere very public? Surely that would help many more people because it would open many non-believers to the possibility of his existence thus removing sin from their lives and creating a better world.

    Thank you for reading and i hope you don’t feel offended by my questions since these are questions that no-one seems to have the strength to answer and i would appreciate any feedback.

  • Good morning – I just want to reply to Sam. Sam, first I want to say I completely respect your honesty. I also need to say that NOTHING just happens by chance. You were lead to website for a purpose and I can absolutely guarantee that it is just a matter of time before you will proclaim Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.

    Yes Sam, GOD is real. HE is not a ball of goo, bisexual or anything of the like. GOD is a Spirit. HE is the be all and the end all. HE is the creator of all things including you and me. What makes you an “unbeliever”? Think of it this way…if GOD were not real then there would be nothing for you to not believe in…make sense?
    If the color brown had NEVER been in existence then what we call brown would not be brown. Make sense?

    The questions you have about human suffering, are the same that I as a Christian have even had, but I will say this…GOD gives us all a way to escape from the sin before we commit the sin. How many times have you thought better of doing something that didn’t seem right? That was GOD trying to lead you down a better path. If you went ahead and did the wrong then that was you choosing to ignore what you felt or heard and go your own way. The choice is ours and I guarantee also that there is coming a day when everyone is going to believe and never doubt again.
    Sam, I ask to you please spend some time reading the Bible and get to know this GOD you don’t believe in and during this time, do not allow other unbelievers to get in your ear, this way you can see for yourself.

    I am going to pray for you. Take care.

  • FATHER, I thank YOU for all YOU are and for all YOU do. YOU are truly amazing! YOU are holy in all YOUR ways, Lord. I pray that you will captivate the hearts of us all…believers and unbelievers, GOD. Help us, Lord and forgive us of our sins. Forgive us of our blasphemy against YOU. I pray that YOUR love will pierce our hearts and saturate our whole selves to overflowing. By YOUR Great Holy Spirit, please show us the way. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

  • Kelli, thank you for giving me some answers. You make good points and i have to confess that the reason i do not believe is due to my own ignorance since i had so many questions but no motivation to get answers.
    I appreciate the reply and just to clarify, when i gave exaggerated examples it was only in order to show how little i knew. I wasn’t trying to make fun or anything (like the goo thing)

    Once again thanks, not just for replying but also for understanding that i am not trying to dismiss or dis-prove god and religion, but just learn and understand.

  • Hi Sam – Please do not even worry. I was not offended, I respect your honesty. GOD will lead you, just as HE lead you here.

    Take care.

  • Yes, God is truly awesome, man. Stay faithful and love him, because he loves y’all endlessly.

  • Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Rapha is AWESOME! Nothing is impossible for HIM. truly prayers changes things. Prayer can turn any difficult situation around. In Jesus Might name!

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