Evansbord was taken to a witch doctor at two
months old. He lays knees to his chest, feet crossed flat against
himself – fifteen years in the same position, immobile and mute.

AIM team members visited and spent time interceding for Evansbord. One
participant, a physical therapist, examined him and said that physically
there was no reason he was in such a condition. Thursday the team gathered and prayed…
and prayed… and prayed. After hours of seeking God on behalf of this
child and his family, the team retrieved a tarp, used water from their
water bottles, and created a baptismal on the spot.

Evansbord was smiling, laughing, uttering his first words. Friday
morning Evansbord was crawling. Friday afternoon he was playing and
throwing a ball.

He is a transformed boy, joyous and responsive.
The entire community has witnessed this and has been astounded. We serve a powerful God.