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Amazing God stories in Georgia

For ten days in April, we experienced an amazing time of transformation during World Race pre-trip training. Here are some of the testimonies (click on their names to see their full blog about it): Dan Norman …
By Seth Barnes

For ten days in April, we experienced an amazing time of
transformation during World
pre-trip training. Here are
some of the testimonies (click on their names to see their full blog about it):


Revival! If I had to
sum up the past ten days with one word,
this is the one I would choose.
The World Racers for June and September met in Gainesville, GA
at AIM’s headquarters to do training. We
experienced revival in the truest sense of the word. I don’t mean the one week meeting when some
evangalist would come to speak at your church,
I’m talking about when a group of people get together and the Spirit of
God comes on you to a point where there is the confession of sins, and people
are drawn to the heart of God.


I’m going to refer back to my journal, and tell you about
the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my life! This is going to be uncensored. The spirit of God came upon me in three different ways during the past 10 days.
This specific journal entry is about the last time God touched me.
Prior to training I’ve never felt the spirit of God in this way.
be told I’ve doubted the presence of God, doubted miracles, and
whatever I did see I wondered if people were faking it because I had
never experienced it. I feel led to share these accounts as a testimony to God’s glory, mercy, love, and awesome power.


WOW, WHOA, GASP, and WHEW! You know how sometimes something so out there
happens that your only response to someone who asks about it is to simply burst
out into laughter? That was training
camp for me. I’ve never been so immersed
in God. Even now, I still have to
decompress a bit. I am so thankful for
the AIM staff for providing a time of spiritual cleansing, learning and
encouragement. They did such an
excellent job by preparing us in a number of different ways and using a variety
of teaching styles. In fact, my only
lament is that AIM doesn’t control the weather.


God broke me. It was the most horrifying, yet amazing, thing I
have ever experienced. He knew that if I did not allow healing for the pain in
my heart now, I would be of no use to him out in the world. I would always have
this part of me I could not turn over to him, and he wants all of me.

I say it was a horrifying experience, because it was very painful and I cried hard for almost a full day.


It was a challenging and exhausting, yet exciting and
rewarding week all at the same time! As God broke me, He used speakers, AIM
staff, new friends and teammates to help me grow in Christ. Anytime God breaks
me, He does it so He can mold me into someone who looks more like Christ. I am
in awe of how much God did in these past two weeks. As God was helping our team to cut ties
with sin in our past, He was teaching us how to let go of our
selfishness, to flush out the
ugly part of us, so He could pour and fill us with more of Himself.


Friday was the beginning of the most intense and meaningful
10 days of my life. All the issues I’ve dragged
along with me came creeping out. As I
learned to recognize and process my baggage, I cried more and more but I
realized I was breaking through my chrysalis. I could see the light of the outside

About mid-way through camp, we went to


State Park and spent a few hours in
solitude by the lake, reflecting on our experiences over the past few days. I
was finally able to cast off my cumbersome baggage. I felt so free. What an
amazing day that was. I had wings.


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