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We are much more creative than we realize. God is a creator and he made us in his image – as creators.  Yet many of us get caught in a humdrum work cycle that doesn’t stimulate our imagination.  We don’t need to settle for a Joe Versus the Volcano mindset that numbs us and dumbs us do…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
We are much more creative than we realize. God is a creator and he made us in his image – as creators.  Yet many of us get caught in a humdrum work cycle that doesn’t stimulate our imagination.  We don’t need to settle for a Joe Versus the Volcano mindset that numbs us and dumbs us down. We need to break free and become.
Google gives its employees 20% of their time to pursue projects that fascinate them.  3M gives its people 15% to do the same thing.  OK, you may say, but how do I begin to unlock this creative side?  Begin by reading and getting a few ideas on how to get ideas! Here’s a great article on how to come up with new ideas.  And this website has the following free articles on creativity and innovation.  Check out a few of them below and put them into practice.
The Manager as Idea Coach. General George Patton said it best, “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.”

AHA!, Great Moments in Creativity. What is it that enables some people to get big creative breakthroughs while others only get big not-so-creative breakdowns?

The Romance of Creativity. Whenever a person gets a new idea, a kind of romance begins. We become absorbed. Intoxicated. Smitten. Indeed, for many people, just thinking about a new idea is an aphrodisiac.

The Big Secret, Finding the Underlying Principle. Sometimes the best part of a poem is the silence it evokes. Sometimes the best part of school is lunch. And sometimes the best part of a brainstorming session is the stuff we ignore – the seemingly trivial, laughable or absurd.

The Value of Confusion. Are you confused about how to proceed with your hottest new idea or project? Puzzled? Baffled? Disoriented? If so, take heart! Confusion is not always a bad thing.

Free Your Inner Genie!. Is there room for yet another model of Creativity? Yes there is, especially the following one – which is not only simple, clear, and elegant – but also mine!

Drowning in Success. Like most actors in the beginning of their careers, W.C. Fields found himself short of funds. A problem? Not to him.

68 Ways to be More Creative on the Job. It’s possible to be a creative superstar at work without ever using a creative thinking technique. How? By adding one or more of these CREATIVE PICK-ME-UPS to your daily routine.

Are You an Innovator? Innovation, unlike audits or reengineering, is not given to systems, formulas and blueprints. It is given to people – restless, inspired, fascinated individuals with an almost cellular need to change.

Patterns ‘R Us. Human beings are masters at “filling in the blanks.” We see something, compare it to our storehouse of past memories, reach a conclusion and then act on it.
The Problem with your Problem. Hugh Moore had a problem. The year was 1908 and Hugh was trying to make a buck with his “bright idea” – a vending machine that dispensed a drink of water for 1Β’.

Beyond Continuous Improvement. America’s addiction to continuous improvement fundamentally ignores several key principles of the creative process.

The Ten Personas of a Brainstorm Facilitator. There are a ton of reasons why most brainstorming sessions suck, but the main reason is the brainstorm facilitator – plain and simple.

The Power of Support. Creating anything new can be a daunting task. Doubts arise. Fears. Despair. Loneliness. And unexpected bouts of hopelessness. Somehow, it all seems to come with the territory.

Personas, Seeing Through New Eyes. If you’ve ever gone to a costume party, dressed up for Halloween, disguised your voice or pretended to be someone else, you’ve already experienced one of the most powerful tools for stimulating creativity: changing your persona – that is, your public “face.”

How to Enroll Support. What support do you need with your most compelling project? Who will you ask? When will you ask for it?

Innovation Coaching, The Manager as Idea Midwife. Ideas are one of the most powerful forces on Earth and – just like babies – are also the product of conception.

The Sump of Assumptions. Thomas Edison had a very simple way of conducting job interviews. He’d invite prospective employees to join him for soup in the company cafeteria. If they salted their soup before tasting it, the interview was over.

Even Michelangelo’s David Started Out as a Block! Stuck? Confused? Blocked? Get over it by filling in the blanks and reading your story aloud!

Tunnel Vision: Digging for Breakthroughs. The real work happens when Seymour is in the tunnel.

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  • I love this blog and agree!

    I actually just read a wonderful book called “Living Artfully” by Sandra Magsamen. It’s all about creativity that is outside the box. Not just creativity in the sense of sitting down and painting a picture, but just as the title says, it’s about creativity during your daily life. If you’re someone who has said “I don’t have a creative bone in my body”…this book is for you! It gives excellent examples of how to love those around you in an artful way, unique ways to celebrate, and just interesting ways to interact with those around you. The author does a wonderful job of showing the reader that everyone can live artfully πŸ™‚

    Here’s a link:


  • Excellent.
    My best creativity comes through revalation while reading The Word and seeking His Will through opportunities that He apparently has already worked out for me. These journey’s are awesome. It’s called His eternal paths for your life. There are downloads from on High and when you step our of the boat The Holy Spriit takes over and you are now in the supernatural. All it takes is Great Faith and belief that He Is, has and wants a great life for you. Oh and any turbulance along the way is the enemy recognizing God’s power working through you…consider it a sharpening tool and press in. I love frolicking in the Lord. Seek first and All is added, Amen!
    Are there any out of the boat testimonies out there?

  • Way to go Seth, this is up my alley!!

    I pray God gives each of us who read this a double portion.

    Thanks Dude

  • Yes prayer, more excellance Lord, more.

    Father God, send your Holy Fire down on all the members of Your Body all around the world Lord. Burn up everything that is unlike Jesus Lord and set us out to do our part, Your Will in this revival you’ve ignited. We thank you Father that each of us has Kingdom work to do. So while Todd is tending to his battle scars, we know you will raise up multitudes to carry out Your plan Lord. In Jesus Mighty Name….Amen.


  • Hey, I am new to AIM and this blog but have really enjoyed what I have read so far.

    The thoughts on creativity are brilliant. my creative tendencies tend to be smothered by over analysis and obsessions with perfection. I enjoy the creative process but perfecting a creative idea usually takes more than the 20% Blogger will allow. I am learning though and will enjoy reading some of your recommended articles.

    You will hear from me again. I was introduced to your organization and site by a young person participating in one of your mission trips to South Africa. I live and work in SA so, having first hand familiarity with the need, I made a contribution.

    Thanks for your commitment, your testimony and the work you do.

    Go well. Love and peace from this side.

  • Seth: Thanks for posting links to my articles on creativity (www.ideachampions.com). Much appreciated. I hope your readers find value in them. If they like the articles, they will probably also like the articles on my blog, which dives deeper into the topic, as well as what it takes for organizations to be innovative (www.ideachampions.com/weblogs) Keep up the good work!

    Mitch Ditkoff
    President, IDEA CHAMPIONS

  • hey its amazing…m dng m.com business innovation…m makin project on creativity and innovation..whole d matter is awsum…jus wana say wowwwwwwww…..
    well d best way of creativity according to me is ur thinking, ur attitude,ur values…
    creativity is sumthink thinking different…new…thinking beyond limits…
    all d persons who r famous at dis time r jus cos f creativity..whether its stevejob,bill gates or any other
    if u hav d power of creation den only u can b able to be famous…….

  • Hi dear , im student in psychology of Phd. i gana go research about creativity students of preschool & Primary school. please help me.
    best regards

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