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Man Hike #2 – White Mtns of New Hampshire

You can only go so far discipling people on the internet. You have to get together in the flesh periodically to hear what God’s saying and go to the next step. That’s why I want to invite you on our next Man Hike Oct 1-4 in NH. Our last hike in Colorado was awesome – it really impacted our liv…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
You can only go so far discipling people on the internet. You have to get together in the flesh periodically to hear what God’s saying and go to the next step.
That’s why I want to invite you on our next Man Hike Oct 1-4 in NH. Our last hike in Colorado was awesome – it really impacted our lives. There’s just something about getting out in the wilderness with a group of guys who are committed to being authentic and seeking God with all their hearts. It helps wake up the warrior within and is an anti-toxin to the suburban lives we lead.
This next time, we’ll hike the White Mountains in New Hampshire. It will be a very physical trip. The autumn leaves should be turning – the scenery will be spectacular. Details below.
For you ladies, we have Beauty for Ashes.
Testimony from last Man Hike
Marc Schifano inspects concrete bridge construction for the state of Massachusetts. He tells our story well.
On July 23, 2009 I left my comfortable home in Reading, MA to embark on a 4 day journey with other men, most whom I had never met in my life, to pursue The Living God in The Colorado Rockies.
I had been wondering “what does pursuing God look like?”  How can I put a finger on that exactly?  As we drove from the airport I remember thinking, “We don’t know these roads, these mountains, these stores…” and so on.  I felt as we drove to the mountains like I was being drawn there by God.  He had something in store for me.  What was it gonna be?
We drove past the “ROAD CLOSED AHEAD” sign.  There was some flooding.  Eventually we saw the good ole sheriff in his truck.  “What, you guys just don’t know how to read or something?”  He asked us where we were going and we told him “Goose Creek”.  The sheriff then decided to personally escort us up the road to the trailhead.  I thought “Oh no the road is closed the one time we come to Colorado, the sheriff is not gonna let us by and I hope we don’t get a ticket from him to top it all off.”  To me it was a personal escort from The Most High saying “This, I have prepared for you men this weekend.”  No obstacle could get in our way.
We got to the site the first night and camped at a designated spot due to nightfall.  When we arrived, a group of people dropped off some extra steak fajitas for us.  Wow man this is cool God, thank you.  It was a good night.  All except for Jason getting altitude sickness.  He was a wreck all night.  The next morning he was at the fire debating to go back down to Denver or not.  We layed hands on him and prayed over him.  Soon enough, Jason was ready to go and had a full pack on and was hiking in the Rockies.  Wow Father, just like that?
Throughout the next couple of days between praying for each other on the mountain top, having some listening prayer time, talking to each other, being vulnerable and not just putting on the facade of male flesh, life was spoken into us.  God gave some men ideas for the future.  He challenged us as men, fathers, brothers and so on.  This seemed to be the beginning of something for me.  Check myself, my armor.  Battle for my family.  Embrace the tribe in my life.  Thrust life out into the world, my mission.  BRING FORTH KINGDOM!
I never had men who spoke life into me.  Who said ” You Can!”  I had never felt so alive around other men.  I had never felt safe to be vulnerable around other men.  I had never felt loved by other men.  I had never known what men should be.  Since God’s Spirit is in the men I have encountered that are pursuing God, I have experienced The Living God through them.  That’s what I get out of men who are truly, truly seeking that pursuit.  I got to hang out with Jesus Christ in The Colorado Rockies.  Sure, it was through His Spirit in the other men but let’s not forget, we are the body, His temple.
These names are forever  engraved on the surface of my heart.  Andrew Maas, Chad Mast, Seth Barnes, Jason Vena, Eric Hanson, Scott Molgard.  Thank you for lighting my heart on fire for The Kingdom!  I love you guys.
Man Hike Details
We’re capping the number of hikers at 12 and the interest is strong, so
contact me soon if you’re interested. You fly into either Boston Logan
airport or Manchester airport in NH on Oct 1st.  Fly out 10/4 (around
noon from Manchester or evening from Logan). The cost beyond your travel is minimal. The
main requirement is you have to come ready to share at a deep level.

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  • Thanks, Seth. I could almost smell the campfire in the retelling of your adventure by your “brother”.

    Last night late in the evening I was on the phone with my only son Samuel who is 19 and studying for a year at the Hillsong School of Worship in Sydney, Australia. We reminisced about our camping junkets, trout fishing escapades, circuitous hikes through virginal forests, overseas trips, hunting adventures and a host of other things dads and sons do. Guy things. Manly jaunts. Devoid of cologne and with scruffy faces.

    Our culture–even the Christin one–has sought to emasculate men and feminize their walk with the Living God. And it isn’t misogyny to say that there are times where males need to bond together and surf out the tsunamis of estrogen pounding away at life.

    The disciples were all guys. And somehow I think a cultural explanation only takes one so far in answering the question–“Why?”

    I had the privilege of being a fund development consultant for Promise Keepers in the days of their infancy and what was clear then was God birthed a movement to stir the hearts of men. And He did that through men having fellowship with each other. A boy will take the firm correction of an engaged dad before he will that of a mom. That is natural at some point in their maturation.

    We do well to recover the messy, turbulent and dangerous Gospel Jesus originally called his tribe to.

    For there is no “safety” in the retreat to comfort.

    And leaning into the stiff wind is the only way you experience the exhilarating wholeness of the mighty breath of God.

    I’ll check the dates for New Hampshire.

    And sharpen my Buck knife.

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