You were sitting quietly at home when out of nowhere you’re going on an adventure!
Nobody speaks the same language.
You wait until the last minute to pack your bag and forget your handkerchief (wet wipes)
Your contacts are like elves they have magical food and give you a place to stay.

Rivendell is like debrief. The mountain is like a bad debrief

The ring is like wifi, once you find it you tend to disappear
You think you are lost in a dark tunnel when out of nowhere Gandalf/Coaches show up to lead you to the light.
You have to sleep right next to people and enjoy their snoring.
Some good old feedback actually brings you closer together
There are times you want to go back but you decide to press on!
You run into a nasty little creature named Gollum that says mean things and you have to overcome it (identity issues)
You are given a sword that protects you and warns you when evil is near (Holy Spirit)
The wargs (evil wolf things) are like spiritual attacks. You gotta slay those mugs.
You use about every form of transportation (car/horse, plane/eagle, foot/foot)
We may not be the strongest or most capable bunch, and we may be a little odd, but we have a willing hearts and responded when he called so that means we are exactly where we need to be.
 Home is now behind you. The world is ahead!
–The Hobbit