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Welcome to my blog where I delve into how to abandon the superfluous aspects of the world. This is done in pursuit of a life enriched by the abundance of God.

It is in these moments we discover where we belong in a world actively shaped by the Divine. This process, which I call “abandonment,” is an exploration of faith, purpose, and renewal. To abandon the familiar can be a challenging endeavor. It often necessitates leaving behind the comfortable and familiar. This oftentimes leads to a profound sense of brokenness. Yet, it is in this vulnerability and discomfort we unearth our most authentic selves. We also discover our unique calling in life. Throughout history, countless individuals have embarked on this journey of abandonment. Many find that it marks the beginning of their path and purpose. They’ve uncovered a deeper connection with the divine and a profound understanding of their role in the world God is actively crafting. In my blog, I share personal stories, reflections, and insights into the transformative power of what it means to abandon. I explore the complexities and difficulties that arise during this process. And recognize that it is often through these challenges that we grow and evolve. I aim to offer encouragement and inspiration to those who are contemplating their own path of abandonment or are already traversing it. Join me on this meaningful journey! Here, we cast aside the superficial trappings of the world and delve into the abundant and purposeful existence that God has in store. It is my hope that, through these shared experiences and reflections, you will find solace. I also hope you will be inspired, and have a renewed sense of direction in your own pursuit of a life infused with divine abundance. Together, we will navigate the intricacies of abandonment and discover the profound beauty in embracing a higher calling.
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