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The Horror of Your Child’s Overdose

Usually when we get wrecked, the implication is that it's a good thing. But what about when it's the most horrible thing imaginable? Earlier this week, when I posted praying for your kids, Sandy responded: "My daughter died February 7th from a drug overdose. I cannot tell you …
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

Usually when we get wrecked, the implication is that it's a good thing. But what about when it's the most horrible thing imaginable? Earlier this week, when I posted praying for your kids, Sandy responded:

"My daughter died February 7th from a drug overdose. I cannot tell you how devastated I am. I do not know how to make it."

Sandy has been a regular commenter on my blog. She got a call at 7 a.m. from her daughter Sarah "telling me in a screaming voice she thinks Angela is dead in her bathroom."

Angela was 25 years old. She got hooked on heroin less than a year ago. According to her mom, "She was a Christian. She was super creative, and funny and daring."

I asked Sandy if we could pray about it. She said "Yes. The horror of this is more than I can bear. My Sarah is traumatized and needs lots of prayer more than even me. My heart is crushed and shattered. I feel weak and tired every day and have not been back to work since Feb 7th when she died."

Have you ever lost a child or someone close in a traumatic way?

All we have is prayer to help us cope. Please pray for Sandy and her daughter Sarah.

More over on Wrecked.

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  • WOW this means so much to my heart. You will never know the impact of your love as my brother Seth. I long to spend eternity with you my dear brother and dear real friend. Time is nothing with Jesus as our comforter and friend.

  • About three years ago, a friend of mine (and dear supporter of my world race journey) who had become a Christian on his journey out of drug addictions fell headlong back into them. Seven months later (incidentally about two weeks before I became ill with malaria in Ireland at The Awakening towards the end of my race), he intentionally overdosed and died. His family and our church community are still healing from the shock and grief that comes with it. Praying for you, Sandy and Sarah both.

  • Sandy, my heart is breaking for you. I cannot imagine the pain of what you are going through.

    I have been leading a Christian addiction/recovery class at the local prison for a few years now and it is so hard to see these girls lives being torn apart.

    I have also recently become and EMT, and I dred the possability of getting a call to respond to an OD, especially of somebody I know.

    I haven’t lost any of “my girls” to drugs, and I hope I never do.

    I would love to be an ear for you if you need to share your grieving. Feel free to contact me via email and we could get in touch if you would like.

  • Seth, please feel free to forward my info to Sandy in case she would like another ear to share her grieving. I commented to her, but am not sure if she will see it.

  • Sandy, my nephew committed suicide in October of last year. My heart is breaking with you knowing that you’re walking through those first dark days right now. I’m so, so, so sorry.

  • Cat , Oh my gosh my heart goes out to you. No grief is more unbearable than this in my eyes. Thank you for sharing. That could not have been at all easy.

  • Dear R, That was like just yesterday. Time is doing strange things to me during this grief. My heart goes out to you and your family. 🙁

    Only Jesus knows,.

  • Sandy, my thoughts and prayers go out to you, your daughter Sarah and your family.
    I lost my daughter Oct 2011 from morphine intoxication. I was told it was accidental.

  • Dear Teresa
    I cannot find words to say how sorry I am for your loss. I am in a state of shock and anguish daily, all day. Millions of emotions coming and going. I do not understand what your daughter went through. My God that is horrid pain you must have and still feel.


  • Sandy,
    Praying for you and Angela. I cannot even begin to imagine the depths of your pain. Know that God will hold you tight in times like these. Hold tight right back.

  • Dear Sandy, my heart goes out to you and Sarah and as i write this,i’m grieving with you Guys and praying that God will comfort you guys and that his love,joy and peace will flow in you and that it does so abundantly and that may the Lord give you joy(phil3:1), and you can do anything through christ who strengthens you and that the Holy spirit will comfort you and Sarah.I’ll be praying for you.
    Blessings from Drummondville,Quebec.

  • Dear Sharon

    Have you found support and comfort during this tragedy?

    I am struggling myself but was thinking about your pain dear.

  • Dear Sharon,
    Here is my email: [email protected]
    Journaling has helped, some talking to certain people, worship music and my guitar sometimes, I started a little walking after dusk, reading the word and things about grief I find online. I tried two counselors and have not felt comfortable yet. Plus I’ve been to two N A meetings. That was good for those moments in time. I just don’t know where I fit. Then I went to this tiny support group with 4 ladies and felt peaceful there. It’s once a month. I too have been on a healing journey but never attended support groups or had counseling (except before divorce over 15 years ago)…it’s all very awkward for me. I see reminders everywhere too of my precious one. Feel free to email, only if you would like to.

    • Almost a year has gone by since your daughter passed, Sandy. How are you doing? You ministered to many here in the midst of your grief.

  • Dear Sandy, I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious daughter. I too have a son who is an addict ! I will be in prayer for your family.

  • I lost my husband to sudden cardiac arrest on January 7. After 20 years dedicated to personal and marriage healing, we were finally in a peaceful, loving and hopeful place. We had a couple really good years. The words of condolences that meant the most to me are…”You are in a holy place. Those of us that have yet not experienced such pain need to tred lightly. In humility, I offer these words written by Oswald Chambers on worship. ‘Worship is giving God the best He has given to you.’ From my outside perspective your husband was such a gift – such a painful sacrifice on your part.” To all who have shared their painful losses…I offer you my deep respect with much sympathy.

  • Thanks Sandy for thinking of me. I have been reluctant to join a grief support group at this point in time. Having been on a healing journey, I have attended and led many support groups. I attended an Al-Anon group with a friend recently in an effort to help her get on track. I’m not sure that hearing others sad stories over and over is encouraging or able to bring me hope. I have a faith community and a small group that my husband and I attended. It’s very painful everytime I go. So the thing that seems to help the most is journaling, praying, reading, and listening to praise music. What have you found helpful in dealing with your pain and loss? One of the hardest parts of this path is that everything I do and everywhere I go I am reminded of the one I lost.

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