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Earthquake or spiritual shift?

Here’s a little known fact: Three months ago (November, ’09) the pastors of Haiti had a national meeting. They prayed for revival. They prayed that God would shake their land. They prayed that he would tear down the strongholds in government – the evil forces in the judicial system, the presidenc…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes
Here’s a little known fact: Three months ago (November, ’09) the pastors of Haiti had a national meeting. They prayed for revival. They prayed that God would shake their land. They prayed that he would tear down the strongholds in government – the evil forces in the judicial system, the presidency, and the corrupt politicians.
They believe that something was transacted in the spiritual realm.
When the earthquake happened, the pastors believe that it was the physical manifestation of a pre-existing spiritual reality. They believe that it was a direct answer to prayer.
In downtown Port-au-Prince today the presidential palace lies in ruins. The supreme court is a pile of rubble, and thousands of corrupt politicians were removed from power as their buildings fell around them.
The spiritual atmosphere of the country is completely different now. Voodoo priests by the hundreds have given their lives to Christ. But the pastors of the country believe it didn’t happen because of the earthquake, the earthquake was in some way a physical reverberation of a spiritual transaction that took place in November.
It’s a remarkable, paradigm-shifting thought for those of us in America who are locked in a paradigm of linear sequential, cause-effect reality. It made me think of Jesus’ last moments on earth as described in Matthew 27:51. After he gave up his spirit, “The earth shook and the rocks split.” In other words, an earthquake.
When we read that passage, we have no trouble seeing that the spiritual reality resulted in a physical reverberation. Why should Haiti be any different? We’re not human beings having a temporary spiritual experience, we’re spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.

A paradigm shift is always hard to grasp. A fish can’t see that he’s breathing water. Consider the possibility that the Haitian pastors have grasped reality and that our western worldview is what’s really broken.

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  • What a great testimony about what Almighty did in Haiiti , that means if we can join the forces with you in prayer God can make great changes in the world sa the word of God say in Mathew 18 verse 18 to 19 ‘I tell you , whatever you forbid * on earth will be forbidden in heaven , and whatever you permit * no will be permitted in heaven. ‘I also tell you this ;If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask , my Father in heaven will do it for you .

  • awesome! i have no trouble believing this … there is so much we only see through a glass darkly… I didn’t know the pastors had prayed like this, but definitely felt in my spirit this earthquake would be used of God to awaken the hearts of many Haitians to follow Him – and that it could be a total turnaround in what their country is known for. To hear now that it was the kingdom of light taking back a territory from darkness – i love that. It may be of little solace to those who lost loved ones… unless they understand God’s amazing ability to bring good from even the worst situations. Make it so, Lord Jesus.

  • In my opinion, I think this is just the beginning. With a publicly open spiritually revolution, you can’t hide what God is doing. Plenty of this happens in countries that no one seems to pay attention to. Now, this catastrophe has the world’s attention, and is a perfect “stage” for people to witness God’s power (not to trivialize what God is doing there). In America, you can just take it off the news, and many of the public won’t bother to learn more about Haiti. However, someone else on Earth is witnessing this. I feel like a glove has been thrown down. Like a dam has burst open. I feel like we are going to see more of this in the future. Whether it will be from another natural disaster or not, I feel that this globally public “Haiti moment” will be the first of many.

    I could be wrong, and this could be what God is doing just for Haiti. Maybe Haiti will be built up to become a light for the world, a city on a hill that cannot be hidden. Just a feeling…

  • Emy- I have been praying those exact words for Haiti… that it will become a light for the world, a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.

    I also believe God is doing something huge here… and continuing to pray about how we can be more and more a part of it. His Kingdom is coming!

  • I’m curious. In your previous post you stated:
    “For a Christian leader to speculate on national television, for example, about the linkage between the country’s leaders’ pact with the devil centuries ago and this calamity is irresponsible and grossly insensitive.”

    And yet your commentary here seems to insinuate that something not too unsimilar has happened. Both reports (the television pastor’s and the Haitian pastor’s) indicate a history of demonic activity The t.v. pastor said the earthquake was a result of this foundation of demonic worship and that we should pray for a great healing to come through this. The Haitian pastors said the earthquake was a result of them praying for a great shaking of demonic strongholds and for a great healing. They both indicate physical reverberations through spiritual happenings, the only difference seems to be that one views this as a punishment (or to be more correct, a consequence) while the other view it as an answered prayer.

    So why is it okay to say that God would cause all of this because some prayed for it, but not okay to say God would cause this as a consequence for multi-generational sin? In terms of the Bible, He’s done both.

    I’m not stating an opinion (though I will if you want) but asking for clarification on your thoughts. Peace.

  • It is an interesting parallel, James. Here’s my perspective: It seems to me that one difference is that the TV guy is speculating from a great distance about something he has little involvement with. He’s saying, “These people made a pact with the devil and the earthquake may be a result.

    On the other hand, the Haitian pastors prayed and asked God to do whatever was necessary to change the spiritual climate before it happened. And now they believe God answered their prayers. I don’t think they are saying, “God caused the earthquake,” but “God is answering our prayers to shake the nation.”

    They are in the midst of it, having lost much, yet not complaining. Their spiritual authority in the land is great and to me, worth reporting. My point is mainly is about clashing world views, ours being a rational/material one.

  • I see the point of your post, and I agree. I do think, however, that your previous comments on the t.v. pastor are quite harsh considering how close he may have been to the truth despite his distance from the situation. He’s somebody who has always linked the spiritual and physical worlds to each other. And it’s not really fair to say he has little involvement when his organization is often one of the first responders in these kinds of catastrophes (Katrina, the tsunamis) and often do have direct insight from the people.

    Your comment:
    “I don’t think they are saying, “God caused the earthquake,” but “God is answering our prayers to shake the nation.” ”

    is a little weak. It’s hard to mention they’re not saying God caused the earthquake but God is answering prayers to shake the nation, when His answer to the prayer is to literally shake the nation. Either way God caused the earthquake. The only difference is whether God did it as a consequence or as an answer to prayer, and who are we to know the mind of God? Maybe He did both.

    Maybe I’m being nitpicky, but it’s been on my mind and I’m curious to others thoughts.

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  • In the late 1960’s & early 1970’s a Houston based company called UNITED GEO-PHYSICAL conducted deep depth sounding’s for oil deposits in the nation of Israel. What they found astounded the geologist. Research indicated at that time a critical fault system running from east to west through the middle of the Mount of Olives. Now, if my memory serves me right, I believe the Bible predicts when Jesus descends back upon the earth with His mighty angels to re-establish His Kingdom, the Mount of Olive will split east to west. Not to say He could not to this by His own will alone. But, by his perfect design of things to come this makes perfect since to me. I aqquired this information from my former wifes uncle who was vice president of UNITED GEO-PYSICAL.

  • Amen. I believe we in America should pray for the same. We needs God help to take this country back. It won’t happen on our own power.

  • Hello Seth, I just so happened on your blog, I was looking for confirmation on a dream I recently had. I was in a church service and it was ending and people were starting to leave, but I felt God impressing me to sing Amazing Grace”, so I started singing it and then others started to join in. There was a really spirit of unity in our worship. I heard the pastor say “we need to leave this building now” As we did all of the sudden a great earthquake began to shake and I happen to be near a pole, hanging on for dear life cry “JESUS,JESUS! Then I woke up. I asked the Lord if there was anything to the dream and I heard spiritual earthquake. I have been wandering what this might signify, so I began to look it up on the internet, unfortunately some who I consider false teachers have had this same message, which makes me wonder if the dream was from God or not. I’m not one who looks for esoteric experiences, so I would like your take on this dream if you don’t mind. Thanks Seth God bless… Jack Harper…

    • Dreams are a way that God communicates with us.

      My view is that a spiritual earthquake is something that would upset the spiritual foundations and moorings in a place. So whatever seems immoveable that needs to be moved gets shifted.

  • Hi Jack, I must admire and commend your spiritual reawakening at the moment. What happened to you does not have any negative import and /or interpretation, but rather it was a pure revelation of things to come, how it will come as well as how to handle it. Keep up with your righteousness as possible as you can and soonest you will experience a total spiritual revolution in your life that would particularly affect your generation positively in near future. God bless you. Feel free to reach me for further clarification by his grace.

  • Keep up with righteous life and I bet you God will do a great thing in your life. I had such an experience and the accompanying testimony was amazing. Remain blessed

  • I just experienced my own paradigm shift and earthquake- spiritual and literal! Thank-you for sharing this very interesting insight!

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