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Offer to any twenty-something yearning for community

I’m putting an offer out there to any twenty-something who’s ever dreamed of giving up on their own independence and moving to live in community with other followers of Christ. When young people come back from mission trips, having had an amazing experience with their teams, they are yearning for…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

I’m putting an offer out there to any twenty-something who’s ever dreamed of giving up on their own independence and moving to live in community with other followers of Christ. When young people come back from mission trips, having had an amazing experience with their teams, they are yearning for this sort of covenantal lifestyle. Too many young people live independently when they were designed to be in community.  If this is you, let me encourage you to come to Georgia next year and live with a dozen or so other radicals like yourself. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself.  We’re calling it ComLife.  I guarantee, it will rock your world.  Here are the details:

AIM Intern Community

AIM will provide housing here in
Gainesville where a group of 10-15 will live in a neighborhood with
easy access to being involved in the community. We believe there are
five major ingredients involved in Community Life.

Mentoring from AIM’s leadership: As part of creating a personal development plan, you will be paired up
with a leader here at AIM who will meet one-on-one with you regularly
and give you coaching, encouragement, and perspective. This includes
intensive teaching to help you understand where God has brought you so
far, who you are, and how to move forward in the plan God has for you
for the rest of your life. You will work on your own, in small group
settings, and along the way hear from some of the best experienced and
inspirational mentors AIM has.

Skill development: You
will expand your skills. You’ll have an internship in the office in an
area such as recruiting, marketing, creative writing/editing,
mobilization, web design, and program development. This will be an
opportunity to develop valuable employment skills through hands-on
training in an office environment.

Ministry: In
order to stay in touch with your heart in bearing fruit in hands on
ministry, we’ve partnered with a local ministry with outreach to the
60,000 Hispanics in and around Gainesville.

Travel: To
keep engaging with the world, there will be opportunities for travel to
lead various discipleship programs for high school and college students
around the world.

Sample internships: Recruiting
Team, Marketing Team, Media ministry, discipleship ministry
coordination, short-term project coordination, and many others. You
will have the opportunity to use your gifts in getting people mobilized
for missions.

Travel Options: Mexico, USA road
trips, one week and one month mission trips around the world. Through
the course of the year, there will be options to visit our base in
Matamoros, Mexico, tour and do ministry in New York City, or be a
Servant Leader for an Ambassador trip in the summer.

To apply, please click here.
Once we receive your application, we’ll send more details and contact
you to discuss the program. If you have questions, please call
1-800-881-2461 ext. 217 or contact our Admissions Department

To learn more about ComLife, go here: Community Life Program

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  • oh sounds AWESOME…man, I would eat this opportunity up if it were 10 years earlier. YOU are changing peoples lives Seth…turning their hearts toward God in amazing ways. Giving kids, what a lot of times, their parents can’t even see to give them…but what they yearn for. Someone walking with them…helping them see what God wants for their lives…being there to walk them through it when they get a glimpse of who they are in Christ…and are a little scared because of it.

    I KNOW my parents, even as a 20 something, especially an early 20 something, would have gotten mad had I decided to do the world race, and then this community life, they would have said “your throwing your chance at life away”…college first. Then they would have said…”there isn’t time you have to establish your career while you are young”…my problem with them was they said they believed in God, but their answers to life never showed it. So I turned my back on the deep yearnings God had placed in my heart, and went after the life they placed before me…after all they were the parents God gave me…surely they know what’s best.

    So 10 years later I am finding myself in Christ. What a waste of 10 years. Not only that, but I never quite lived up to my parents expectations either.

    John 15:16 & 19
    16″You didn’t choose me, remember; I chose you, and put you in the world to bear fruit, fruit that won’t spoil.
    19 I picked you to live on God’s terms and no longer on the world’s terms, the world is going to hate you.

  • amen, Christi. And I wasted even more time than that! Better late than never. And you’re making up ground so fast, you’re lapping people on the track! Focus on identity and community, then worry about a role and a career. People have good intentions, but get these priorities inverted. If survival were in question it would be different, but we’ve actually been given a choice.

  • Hello seth, my first time to post a comment, been reading your blog for awhile now.Im a nurse in Jersey,im 30 something, how i wish im twenty something and can join this.This really sounds so spiritually enriching.Good job, God is really using you =) God bless

  • Thanks, Julienne,

    I appreciate your following the blog and writing in to encourage me in it!

    I pray that you find a great community there.

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