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Revival in Lakeland, FL

Here’s a guide, a one-stop shop , to what’s going on in Lakeland, Florida. Some are calling it the the beginnings of a global revival; others say it’s a farce. I find it interesting how quickly some people rush to judgment about something that many report is bearing good fruit and that God may be…
By Seth Barnes
By Seth Barnes

Here’s a guide, a one-stop shop , to what’s going on in Lakeland, Florida. Some are calling it the the beginnings of a global revival; others say it’s a farce. I find it interesting how quickly some people rush to judgment about something that many report is bearing good fruit and that God may be authoring.

Here are my most recent thoughts on Todd Bentley’s departure from the revival.

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Assessing the fruit

One of the best things we can do is to pause and take a good look at the fruit coming out of Lakeland. Help us do that. If you have stories that can be corroborated, please share them.

Reality checks

Critics weigh in

Assessing the critics

History speaks 

Critics need to be held accountable. Please feel free to write me and share anything that will help us better understand if a given critic should be trusted.

What do you do next?

Revived people need to go out and live. A spiritual zap is nice, but there’s got to be some fruit beyond that. Some are taking what they experienced and spreading it in their own home towns. Others are living bolder lives. Many need to live more boldly and with greater love. What are your best ideas?

If you’d be interested in helping me build this page, please
email me and I’ll put you to work! We need to help people grab onto the parts of the revival that are God-generated and sift through those parts that are man-generated.

For my latest update from Lakeland, check out: A skeptic visits the Lakeland Revival

Here’s a brief video of Todd sharing how he is no longer interested in doing conferences…

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  • Seth,
    thanks for the perspective on what is going on in Lakeland. I have been following it on God T.V. for the past few days, and there is no denying that the Holy Spirit is, indeed, on the move. The staff at the House of Prayer I was apart of for the past couple of years all hopped planes and made their way down there a few days ago. One of them described it to me this way in an email:

    “the biggest thing i think that’s going on here is that god is offending the mind to reveal the heart
    over and over again things are happening that offend people’s reasoning…but I can’t deny that it’s a move of God.”

    So, yes, the theatrics and bing, bam, boom style of Todd Bentley gets on my nerves after the first 100 times a night and I may not “agree” with everything I see going on, but what is the fruit of this outpouring? Is Christ being lifted high? Are people being healed and set free? From what I can tell and what I hear from people I love, trust and know don’t succuomb to spiritual lemming hysteria-YES. So I will pray for the Lakeland revival and how God is moving there. And ask for Him to open up my heart so my offended mind will not take over.

    Again, thanks for bringing this to the attention of the AIM community.

  • The day after training my friends and I took a trip to Lakeland to go to the revival. We were hungry for God’s presence and wanted to be where He was moving and we wanted God to heal Elijah who is Andy and Christina’s autistic child. I truly never wanted the worship to stop. The miracles we saw were incredible and the teaching in the mornings was great. I had never seen many of these things before, but I knew God was moving. This guy named Jeremy did a talk one morning about the harvest and taking God to the streets. They had us do ATL (ask the Lord) and go wherever God was leading. It was an incredible day. There were 4 of us and we got to feed over 100 homeless people. God led us right to them.

  • If God is reclaiming parts of his Kingdom, who am I to debate how he does it or who he does it through? May it keep going on!

  • Seth,
    I would like to share my experience at the Lakeland Outpouring. We watched it for about a week on God-TV, when my husband and I decided to go “check it out.” I had the added benefit of having a family member who has interned under Todd and who encouraged us to come to experience a real move of God. I have been starving to experience the Presence and Move of the Holy Spirit. The first night, after experiencing incredible worship, I admit the rest of the service was spent in prayerful observation. The next day was spent in contemplation and talking it over with people more associated with this ministry. On the second night, the atmosphere was heavy with the Spirit.

    I truly did not witness hysteria or anything like that. It was pure worship, and in the Presence of an Almighty God, why would the miraculous not take place! We were on the second row both nights and were able to observe people up close. There may be outward actions by some people that I don’t understand, but I am not about to try to judge another’s heart! While there, I did not experience any emotional revelation or anything like that. I did experience the personal touch of a personal God. Yet since being home, the revelation of the Holy Spirit has been at work, not just with me, but in my daughter, who wasn’t even there!

    I, too, agree with the previous statement that God is revealing the hearts of people by their reaction to this. I also say, if you want to know, go see. God will reveal Himself to His people who seek him with all their hearts. Time will tell if this move is transferable and if the miracles are verifiable.

    I would also encourage those reading with two quotes. The first is from Heidi Baker: “Never reduce your theology to match your experience.”

    Tne second is from the Word of God: If this work is of men, it will fail, but if it is of God, nothing can stop it. Acts 5:38-39

  • Interesting. I checked out some videos on youtube. Never heard of this guy, but it appears like he’s been thru a lot and this is just where God has him right now.

  • “I tell you the truth anyone who believes in me will do the same things that I do. Those who believe will do even greater things than these, because I go to the Father. And, if you ask anything in my name, I will do it for you so that the Father’s glory will be shown through the Son, if you ask me for anything in my name, I WILL DO IT” “I do not give to you as the world gives, do not be troubled and do not be afraid” Taken from John 14 The church today is having great difficulty and FEAR of the move of the Holy Spirit. Embrace it, He is our power! The world gives us broken dreams, the worlds doctors give us death sentences, “you have 6 months to live”. The world demands that you pursue financial gain, at any cost, and this is their standard for success. Body of Christ reject the worlds “gifts” and seek God’s gifts. Paul said to seek the gifts and the Holy Spirit will give them to use as He determines (1Cor.12). I pray that this Lakeland revival will burn across this nation. Praise God.

  • The scripture Goddard has quoted needs to be clarified. 1 John 4:1-3 states: Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. This is how you can recongnize the Spirit of God. Every spirit that acknowleges Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every Spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This the spirit of antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world. Remember the leadership of Christ day said the miracles He did were from the devil. Take care you do not blasphemy the Holy Spirit (Mt. 12:22-37). It is the only unforgivable sin. Take note of Luke 9:49,50. John came to Jesus to tell him that the disciples had seen someone casting out demons in Jesus name. The disciples had told them to stop, because they were not one of them. Please take careful note of Jesus’ response, He told John that whoever is not against us is with us. Take time to read it and to read what the leaders said about Jesus’ miracles in Mt12:22-37.
    Those of you who profess Christ take care in your thoughts and words what you say about what “is”, “could be” a move of God!! Do not fear His work. Seek God and He will reveal, by His Holy Spirit, the truth.
    Goddard, could you please give me a scriptural reference to your second paragraph. I like to read all the verses, before and after, to make sure I am hearing God correctly. Thank you.

  • that quote in Jess’s comment is from ME! 🙂

    as I’ve been here in Lakeland for the last 5 days I’ve been offended, yes, and impressed and awed even more than that.

    I’m sooooo taken with what GOD is doing here. It’s not about Todd or TV or any other earthly thing…this is about the Lord reviving his people…and I think He’ll use any means necessary to draw our hearts even at the expense of our logic.

  • My name is Laurie McKown. My father told me of this revival. After reading the testamonials, and miracles. I started to sob. This is an immaculate miracle from God, and God spoke to me and is telling me to grab all my loved ones and attend this revival. I am 32 and have been living in bondage for 10 years or better. I’ve been into drugs, sexual sin, severely abusive relationships, and emotional pain. I want too be healed. I want too be saved. I am hungry for God.
    Please pray for me that I will be able too attend this revival. Please pray that God will take me out of this bondage.
    Thank You for all your testimonies, for I would have still been sulking in misery if I hadn’t channeled these websites.

  • Thanks for writing, Laurie. I pray that you’re able to go there and to get some healing. But even if you can’t, perhaps I can connect you with a woman of God in your area who can help find grace. I’ll email you separately and if I can be a help, I will.

  • Christine Beadsworth PodCast : The Refiners Fire
    http://freshoil.podOmatic.com/entry/2008-05-09T08_06_52-07_0 0

    (Transcription of this word at: http://www.openheaven.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=22129&PN=1)

    Segment of the first part of the transcription:

    I just have so much burning within my heart concerning the present position of the body of Christ and what the Spirit is doing in these days. There is much debate concerning the Florida outpouring and whether it is of God or whether it isn’t and, um, some are running with it and saying it is wonderful and others are standing on the outside, looking in and declaring that this is the false move of God with false signs and wonders, that will sweep the earth before the coming of the Lord.

    And I just have such a sense that God is coming. He’s coming as he said he would in Malachi 3, as a refiners fire and as a fullers soap. It is time for judgment to begin with the House of God and therefore He comes as a refiners fire in order to deal with the dross and impurity in his Church.

    And his motivation is to purify, his motivation is to bring the church to a state of holiness and separated apart for his purposes. He wants to remove the mixture, he wants to remove all areas of infection and he is dealing with the whole body at this time.

    And I really, it breaks my heart as I see two camps in the church and he keeps reminding me of the story of when the woman caught in the act of adultery was brought before Jesus by the Pharisees.

  • My husband and I have been to Lakeland twice. We had planned a 2 week road trip to the Grand Canyon and beyond but after watching the Lakeland broadcasts for 2 nights we knew we were to go.

    God had supernaturally hooked us up to the ministries of Keith Miller and Todd Bentley several years ago. We live in a small town and do not generally run in the same circles many of our pastor/leader friends run in. So, the Lord has led us throughout the years to various ministries to aid us in the next step of our growth.

    We have been blessed with the ministries of both these men of God. Having said that, the last time I had seen Todd (years ago)I walked out of his meeting. I was offended by something that was going on. Since then, Todd has gone through a time of sabbatical and there is clearly a maturity I had not seen before.

    A tree is known by its fruit. To those who scoff, have you tasted the fruit? I have read many of Todd’s teachings. He is but one of many of God’s servants who have provoked me to jealousy, prodding me to know Him on a deeper level.

    God seems to delight in using the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Who would have thought that God would heal and deliver people while His church was in the stands at Tiger Stadium eating nachos and drinking cokes? When I saw that, I had to laugh at my foolish notion of how God operates. If the religious church is waiting for what they consider to be a respectable revival, they may be waiting a long time. I have a feeling this one is going to be ‘messy’ in the eyes of many.

  • All that I can say is this is a true move of GOD. And GOD is giving it away to all of us.
    Todd Bentley is a man like David was his heart is pure he asked GOD to use him and GOD saw that he could trust him. The question is can GOD trust us??GOD does not see us by our flesh he see’s the heart And that is what we should see in Todd Bentley and we should thank GOD for his boldness.

  • What we are witnessing in Lake Land Florida, that is, all of us that are blessed to either receive God TV or have DSL on our computers, to be able to watch the move of God taking place in Lake Land. Never have I been so moved, in my 13 year walk with the Lord, as I have watching the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon myself and my Christian friends. In my apartment here in Colebrook NH, I have experienced the presense of the Almighty right here in my living room and I’m sure those also living here at Monadnock Village, a seniors and handicapped facility,never I have felt His presense, just by His touching me and effecting those around me. Never have I felt the movement of the Lord in such a awesome way, our sevices at church have changed into a service whereby we now worship the Lord openly, without worrying what others may think. Our God does and will do anything He chooses and I praise Him with everything within me.

  • I’d much rather have their way of doing things, than the critic’s way of not doing it!

    Praise God for all revivals – big and small.

  • About the revival I don’t know if it’s real or just a circus but please do not act as if God only moves in one town and if you don’t go there to see it then you are missing out on God’s plan. There are many of us believers who experience the power of God on a daily basis and we can do His will even if we don’t proclaim to have amazing prophetic visions at a revival meeting. Thanks,

  • I heard about this revival several times from a number of sources. My gut instinct, so to speak told me to beware. In this I decided to research what was going on in Florida, who was involve, who they associate with, and what they believe. I was greatly alarmed. Note Goddard and Sherry’s conflicting opinions. Both are close to the truth. Jesus did tell us that we would do even greater things than what he did. This would be by the power of the Holy Spirit. He did also warn us to test the spirits. Jesus said we would know by their fruit. Also all these things(the signs, wonders, and teachings) should line up with scripture. Now would be a good time to read Mathew 7:13-27. Understand that in the last days many will be deceived. Believers and unbelievers alike. One simple question should reveal whether or not this revival is of God or not. Where does the glory go. Acts 1:8 reveals that the work of the Holy Spirit is to give witness to Jesus Christ. Everything the Spirit does is for this purpose. Ask yourself who is Todd Bentley giving credit for the healings. Though he keeps throwing around the name of the Holy Spirit you will find that he is giving credit for the power of healing to an angel. He has named it Emma-O. This is clearly not scriptural. Mathew 7:22 is makes it clear that these signs can be false. I’m not going to claim that people are not being healed. Understand though that there are far to many things about this revival that are simply not scriptural. And they are not giving credit where credit is due. I am also alarmed that this “power”, or “fire” appears to be for sale. I don’t have to go to Florida in order to export the fire back to my home. Todd Bentley doesn’t have the authority to give, or withhold the power of the Spirit, based on whether I go to his service to get it. Stop chasing men and chase after God. Seek God where you are. Consecrate yourselves before Him where you are. Open your Bible and read His word in your own living room. God will always meet you where you are if you are truly seeking Him. Don’t seek after the signs but seek the God from whence the power comes. He won’t just heal your body but will save your soul. Thats REVIVAL!!!
    I could go on and on but I encourage you to do a little research and compare what you find directly to the word. Then those who believe the scripture will know the answer as to whether or not this is real or not. Yet those who only want the physical manifestations without the internal change and the unbelievers will continue to wonder and be deceived.

  • I am sorry. I misspoke as to the name of the angel in which Todd Bentley believes. It is simply Emma.Emma-0 is the Japanese’s king of hell. The following article written by Bentley should shed some light on what he believes. Who he associates with and the like. I pray the Spirit will guide you in theses things.

  • I agree Daniel Stopyro. I also saw a clip of Todd saying that he was receiving these prophetic dreams of future events. Sounds kind of similiar to the description of the end times-“The prophets are prophesying falsehood in My name I have neither sent them nor commanded them nor spoken to them; they are prophesying to you a false vision, divination, futility and the deception of their own minds.”

  • Thank you, Daniel, for the link to the teaching on angels. It is an excellent teaching and I although it is long, I would encourage all to prayerfully read it. It has filled in some of the gaps I had about the subject.

    Years ago I had put a plaque on my bathroom wall that showed an angel and a message about angels going to and from heaven. The Lord sternly told me to take it down. I did. Upon closer examination, I could see that the way the message was worded bordered on giving glory to angels. That is in no way acceptable.

    However, along about the same time frame, one day I took a short nap. While waking up from what I thought at first was a dream, I heard voices that said ,”It is time to go” and could hear footsteps leaving my bedroom and down my hallway. The presence of God was so strong that I was unable to lift my head off the bed for some time. It was then I realized I had been ministered to by at least 2 angels. I also understood who sent them. He gets the glory.

    I do not seek after signs and wonders for the sake of signs and wonders. I seek my Father’s face and His heart. His heart is on the lost and hurting. He uses signs and wonders and healing to reach humanity. And He uses angels in the process. The body of Christ needs to understand this. What if Joseph had not understood and had insisted he wasn’t going anywhere when the angel told him to flee to Egypt? Think about it.

    There is great comfort in the word of God. He has promised me that if I ask for bread He will not give me a stone. Since Lakeland has brought the issue of angels out in the forefront, perhaps now would be a good time for each of us to go to the Lord about it and ask the Holy Spirit to settle it once and for all in our hearts. Ask Him to let us see it the way it truly is.

    As others have said, we are to test every spirit to see whether it is from God. If it isn’t from Him I don’t want it, but if He sends an angel my way I don’t want to reject it either.

    There were several people we spoke to personally while in Lakeland. Those who were healed clearly gave all the glory to the Lord.

  • Pastor R. M. Wells

    While God is certainly moving (in sp[ite of teh tehatrics going on) this man is elevating “experience” above the Word of God! When we elavuate out Bible though our experience instead of our experience by the Bible we ARE IN TROUBLE!

    It is my provilege to operate in all of the gifts and I hang out with those who do, but my question is this, When are we charismatics going to become Bereans? Only mentioned once, but with the highest praise.


  • new layout on this lakeland revival blog looks good. thanks for the bulleted lists – i’ll be sure to keep checking in for updates.

  • I have been a spirit-filled believer in Jesus Christ for over 32 years, including pastoring a church, prison ministry and college ministry. My wife & I participated in the “Charismatic” movement. Most that were actively involved in that movement were constantly being told that it was not of Godeven demonic. Now, most of the evangelical churches use our songs in their worship services! What Todd Bentley and others like him are doing is not necessarily wrong. Angels do exist and some prophets do know their names. Afterall, we know a few of them by name from the Bible. As to where the glory goes, we know that Jesus deserves all of it. However, in John 17:22 he gave it to the believers also. And please keep in mind that we are to follow the word AND the Spirit. Most evangelicals I know follow and believe the word but know almost nothing about the spirit world, even God’s Holy Spirit and ministering spirits. Let Todd & others like him alone until the fruit has had a long time to grow. Then, criticize him if you must.

  • I spent 40 years of my life listening to “critics”. I was led to believe that “God does not work that way today,” “The signs and miracles have been done away with.” “When that which is perfect-JESUS-comes that which is imperfect-the signs and wonders-will be done away with.” I remember hearing a preacher from the pulpit make the statement, “If you know anyone who does these things, BEWARE, They are from satan!” Yes, this is actually what some denominations actually believe and stupidly teach others to believe! Yes, I should have read and studied for myself. Having left that denomination and mindset for over 7 years now, PRAISE GOD!, I still find it hard to believe that these things were taught and are still being taught today.
    For 40 years I never saw one prayer answered, a miracle, anyone get out of a wheelchair, etc. Wonder why! NO FAITH for those things. And now, God has a man in Florida who has faith to be used by God and God IS using him. I pray everyday that God will use me for the same “stuff”. To you critics, have you ever seen a miracle? Have you ever laid hands on the sick and seen them get up? Have you ever cast a demon out of someone to see their lives totally transformed? If not, then stop the talk. Stop the criticizing. Pray for what IS going on in Lakeland-that people are being helped; people are being saved, healed, delivered. If you have done these things, then keep on! Pray for more laborers to be sent into the fields! Because the harvest is truly great!!!
    As Judas of Galilee rose up and said, so I say to you, “stay away from this man, and let him alone, for if this plan or action should be of men, it will be overthrown, but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow him, or else you may even be found fighting against God.” Acts 5:37-39

    “many will be deceived…” Check out Oprah.com and see if that doesn’t fit into that one-no miracles, healings, deliverances, etc. there.
    Satan is not capable of healings, deliverances, etc. because he is the author of sickness and disease. Why would he cast himself out?? Heal that which he made sick? Jesus talked about that too in Luke 11 when the leaders are trying to accuse him as some of you are accusing Todd.

    O, that we would all be one in God and Christ just as God and Christ are one!

  • Don’t tell me that people acting like animals is a move of GOD ! Barking like dogs, clucking like chickens….Todd Bentley and his angel Emma….



  • Jim,
    Your statement that God is not a God of confusion needs to be clarified. If you take a look at the scene in heaven in Rev. 4, you cannot tell me that it is a silent church meeting. Angels crying out one to another Holy! Holy! Holy! Lightnings and thunderings coming from the throne. A sea of glass filled with people all worshipping the Lamb who was Slain. No confusion does not equal no commotion! God is a God of stirring, commotion, and He is LOUD!!
    I was at the Denton TX meeting on Thursday, with my husband. Todd is giving ALLLLLL the glory to Jesus! I have two friends who have returned from Lakeland just yesterday, again Allll the gory is going to Jesus. Angels are ministering spirits, and bring messages, that is all Todd has ever said, he knows who the healing is from. Jesus is the Healer, and the Holy Spirit is the one who comes to do what He does best, Show us Jesus.
    Here is my caution to all who do not understand what is going on, and truthfully none of us can fully comprehend the moving of an Almighty God. If you cannot embrace it, bless it. If you cannot bless it, at least Do No criticize it. Be silent and watch. Let God prove or disprove himself in this by the FRUIT!! One of the most dangerous things we can do is attribute the moving of God to the enemy, just because we do not understand.

  • Todd says he used to practice Satanic worship, and had 25 demons cast out of him in one night……..

    I had hands layed on me at church a month ago, from the revival….
    and have never been the same. I feel seperated from God.

    Decern people, please, I wish I would have.
    Blessing in the Lord

  • To Pam from Texas,

    So you actually believe that people who bark like dogs and people who cluck like chickens during this revival service is a giving glory to Jesus ? Pam, I pray that you’re eyes will be opened because you are mislead. Please do some background check on Todd Bentley which is easy using the internet. God is going to ALLOW a STRONG DELUSION to come on the people of the world. You Pam are exhibit one on how easy it is going to be for the AntiChrist to get people to follow him in the very near future. All the AntiChrist will need to do is to emulate what is going on in Lakeland. I pray that you will WAKE UP and see the truth before it is too late !

  • Pam in Texas, here is what a pastor had to say after attending the revival. As I said in a previous post….WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE !!!

    “I actually live about 45 minutes away from Lakeland, FL where Todd Bentley has set up his camp. Though I did not see him personally, I went just yesterday to Ignited Church that he is connected with. I visited a 10 am service that occurs daily, and there were probably 1,000 people there. Keep in mind that I am a worship leader/young adult pastor at a large non-denominational church, and consider myself a charismatic with a seatbelt on. I do believe in the spiritual gifts, including tongues, prophecy (which I have), and miracles or healing. I prayed to God to let me have an open mind, and for His Holy Spirit to guide me in worship and also in discernment. As I entered the lobby/ cafe area I noticed something right away: No one greeted me and there were no crosses or anything that made me feel like I was at a Christian church. As I walked into the main worship area (that had no hint of anything Christian) the music had just begun and was very hypnotic, building up with chants in tongues by the worship leader and his other vocalists. Right away I felt like I was at a Hindu, Buddhist, or New Age meeting. It was creepy to say the least. Again I prayed to God to help me have an open mind, but I was very distracted by people speaking in a deluge of tongues, and dancing around through the rows of seats. The music went on for about an hour, with the worship leader laughing and jerking uncontrollably, and chanting in tongues between singing and playing a piano. A man then came on stage to introduce a prophetess who was to bring a message from God, a prophecy that she had been given for the church. She immediately began by speaking in tongues, and calling down the glory of God into the room. By this time the congregation had been worked into a frenzy from an hour of hypnotic music and babbling tongues, and was crying out and shaking, and laughing, and crying, and screaming, and dancing, it was all going crazy at once. Again I tried to pray and ask God to help me have an open mind and discernment. It was tough to hear God, to feel God through all the chaos…but then the Spirit quickened a word to me. He reminded me of what Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 14 about orderly worship. It was then that I left that “church” building as quickly as possible…”
    Pastor Mike Kendall ~ The Gathering Quote used by permission for eternalpath.com.

  • Wow…it appears there is an ugly split in the body!!! After reading both those who had positive experiences, in Lakeland, with the Lord and those who didn’t I am convinced the place satan is getting the deepest foothold is in causing fighting in the body!!! Just remember Jesus said we will see false phophets and false Christs doing great signs and miracles, but he said it was to decieve the elect (I humbly believe the elect is the true believers)….if that were possible. And, I think somewhere in the Word it tells us that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. I have to believe God is still in control and we can trust Him to reveal His truth to those He chooses to receive truth. So why all the bickering? I say everyone keep quiet, listen to the Lord’s lead and pray fervently that God will deal with the falsehoods and will bless the truth. Be prepared to answer anyone, who questions you about the move, with the Word. May our Lord Jesus Christ be glorified above all.

  • I found it interesting that Daniel ask that we revisit Mt.7:7-27, but neglected to remind us to read verses 1-7 too. Are we not sitting in judgement of others? Actually I would like to give some time to see what kind of fruit is going to come out of those who believe they were touched by this movement before I give a final judgement to this “revival”. Again, I ask, has anyone, who has been there, and truly believes this is evil, went to the leadership to confront them, in love, or is everyone just circulating gossip. One of the seven things God detest is a man who stirs up dissension among brothers. So I ask, who is doing the stirring here? Take care to watch what is being said and how it is being said on both sides. Everything you do, do in love.

  • Sherry, do you truly believe that people acting like animals is a move of God ? If you do you are sorely mislead. God is not a God of confusion. Do some research. People are saying “you can’t put God in a box” which translates to anything goes. Don’t question it. That is exactly AGAINST what the Bible says to do. A true Christian is supposed to test the spirits. A revival that has people barking like dogs, clucking like chickens and making who knows what other kinds of wierd animal noises is a FALSE revival. Todd Bentley and his personal angel Emma. What kind of wierd nonsense is that ? It’s EVIL is what is is. Does anyone have a clue anymore ? Read what Pastor Mike Kendall says above. He says that it was tough to hear or feel God through all the chaos. Research Todd Bentley. There is plenty of information on the guy. STAY AWAY from Lakeland Florida !

  • Al, I have not seen the acting out as animals. I do know God used a donkey to speak! I have sat in many spirit filled moves of God where the human factor becomes involved….granted the leadership should step in and find out why the person is doing what they are doing. If it is not of God then take care of it. I refuse to set in judgement of professed brothers and sisters who are doing what they are doing in the name of Jesus. You are correct in testing the Spirits, but please read the verses afterward…is Jesus being acknowledged? Al, have you read the OT? Lots of weird things went on and as far as research, I can research all day and find all kinds of negatives….bottom line I do not know the man personally and I refuse to condemn him until I do. My pastor friend went to a local church who is participating in the Lakeland revival, she found it lacked the “sweetness” she would expect from the Holy Spirit, but refused to say it was from satan. Blasphamy of the Holy Spirit is the unforgivable sin and it means nothing more or less. What was the leadership saying to Christ? Strange is it not that your words in your post ring very close to the tone of those leaders! I can’t test spirits through another persons viewpoint and until I have first hand knowledge of Mr. Bentley, because he says he is doing what he does in Jesus name, I can not cast judgement! Please read what Jesus said about such people in Mt.12:22-37

  • Sherry, Did you read what Pastor Mike Kendall had to say after visiting Lakeland ?
    Hello ! Wake Up ! What is all the emphasis on his personal Angel ? Could it be Todd Bentley’s FALLEN angel Emma ? Get a clue Sherry ! A person does not need to know Todd Bentley or visit Lakeland to know that what is going on there is FALSE !

  • Al,

    “Get a clue Sherry” is a particularly graceless way to communicate your conviction. It is a demeaning, diminishing phrase that reveals a broken attitude toward people whose view is different than your own. I’m sure those people who love you would say, “Oh, he didn’t mean to be so brusque, he’s harmless really.”

    You may be right about Bentley, but to our blog readers you may look like a Pharisee who is just as broken as Bentley, while sadly lacking the humility to acknowledge it.

    When one of my subordinates displays this kind of gracelessness, I usually ask them to apologize. You might want to consider the mix of truth and love in what you communicate, especially in a public forum. You may be all right in what you say, but completely wrong in the way you say it.

  • angels angels angels angels angels angels!!! its all about todd bentley and the angels. worship emma o, worship the winds of change, worship the angels of finance. its all about new age, mystical theology. its very common with this movement. orbs, open door to heaven, gold dust, gold teeth, feathers, oil, slain in the spirit, visitations from angels, uncontrollable shaking. when will you people wake up and read your bibles. matt 24 for starters. more than once in the bible we are warned of false prophets like this.

  • It is sad to see all who have not come into revalation knowing by a personal relationship with the Holy Spirt. Any person who thinks that the rebirth in The Spirit of the Most High is optional is unequipped to see or know what is happening in Lakeland and in their own communities for that matter. Head knowledge is not experiential from on High. God reveals His truths to those who host his Holy Spirit, it is the ONLY media(so to speak) by which man can have the deep knowing of the things of The Kingdom of God. Again, I cannot emphasize enough Salvation is NOT optional and is only the begining of the illumination that God wants for ALL, but there is that pesky free will thing. So I close with if you have not been endowed with the Gift’s of the Holy Spirit, you simply have veils of darkness that keep you from The Truth and The Kingdom. Spend time looking into that before tearing up God’s Good work.

  • Mary, it is YOU that is vieled in DARKNESS by thinking that what’s going on in Lakeland is a move of the Holy Spirit. I pray that the darkness will be removed from your eyes so you can see straight and GET OUT of Lakeland as fast as you can !

  • Jimbo, wow…it’s seems I have stirred your spirit. I am not in Lakeland, I am in Him and He is in me. Spirit sees Spirit and those without the Holy Spirit only use fear to try and cause unbelief within the body of Christ…

    On whose authority do you speak dear Jimbo?

  • It seems the people that judge Lakeland and Bentley are the same people that judge the charismatic / penticostal experience.

    I have read the Bible through many times over the years, and study it faithfully. I beleive the “full gospel” as expressed in the Bible, and don’t leave out or speak agaist that which I don’t understand or haven’t experienced.

    When I read the negative blogs about the revival, it makes my spirit sick, seeing how the Holy Spirit is grieved, and when I watch the revival on God.tv my spirit leaps with joy as the Word is preached in power, many are saved, hurting people are healed, and thousands are encouraged to be bold in their faith and bring in ther harvest in their local areas.

    I’m sure one can find things in the revival they don’t agree with scripturally – there are non-essential areas many Bible-believing people disagree on. But the exaggeration is dishonest. I’ve watch nearly 100 of the nights of revival in Lakeland, and I’ve never seen anyone barking and acting like animals. Nor have I seen Todd or anyone else there attributes healing to angels – Jesus is given all the glory. Slander is a sunful, non-Christian way to behave.

    I see in this revival the love of the Lord in saving and healing people and preparing harvesters to bring in the harvest. The revival has broken out in hundreds of cities around the USA and the world, and may it soread and accomplish the great commission.

    Has anyone considered that maybe those who so adamantly put down the work of God are the ones who are deceived and doing the work of the anti-Christ. Let’s pray for them that their eyes be opened and they get healed of a critical spirit.

  • AMEN. Ray, your words are good, your heart is true.

    Those of us who have recieved the Holy Spriit get the deeper revelation from the words in the Bible. Anyone who reads God’s word without His Holy Spirit only sees the words and is then attacked in their minds by the enemy to cause all kinds of strife…it’s the enemy’s signature. Salvation is not an option, dear brothers and sisters, if you truly want to know God. The one true God, who became flesh not only to pay for our sins but as a demonstration of the rebirth…in his resurrection…leaving us The Holy Spirit and the gifts of The Holy Spirt to follow. But make no mistake there is only one way…through the Salvation provided by Christ Jesus.

    All the rest of the noise: Confusion, strife, fear, unbelief…is from our enemy
    ….so, if you find that it is coming from you…need I say more. Seek First The Kingdom of God and All will be added to you too!!

  • Thanks Mary, although I do apologize to the negative writers about my last para, saying they may be doing the work of the anti-Christ. I am sure they are sincere and well intentioned.

    My 20-year old son just made a good point: He had read Frank Bartlesman’s book documenting the Azuza St revival of the turn of the last century. He said God often uses the rough pioneers to pave the way in revival – they are bold and willing to go forth to do the work, The people with the more refined understanding (who aren’t will to go at first) later can come and clean up the details. Todd my be rough, but he’s a diamond in the rough because he’s sacrificing his life to allow God to use Him for His glory.

  • There is no need to apologize to those who may be doing the work of the anti-christ because SOME ARE knowingly, and have actually turned their lives over to the kingdom of darkness. However, there are many,many more that are oblivious to this fact…an empty vessel, (applies to ALL who have not actively turned their lives over one way or the other) can and will be used (unknowingly) by the enemy to attack God’s people, “the body of Christ”. And it is in this context that I say, come on people let’s open our eyes to the spirt realm, both dark and light, and understand if we do not make a choice one will be made for us. AND, if you are one who has not chosen, do you have a right to speak out or judge when your words are open to be corrupted by the enemy…Do Not be fooled, he will use every opportunity to destroy.
    Truth sets us free …let us wake up to our vurnerabilities and responsibilities and either fill our currupted sinful vessel afresh with The Holy Spirit or refrain from attempting to decypher the things of the Kingdom of God. Salvation is Not an option in God’s Kingdom and is only the first glimpse. It IS AN AWESOME JOURNEY!! But you can only enjoy it through His eyes and the only way to see through His eyes IS to posess them through His Holy Spirit. AMEN.
    We thank you Jesus for all the gifts you impart from on High and for Spirit filled people who are totally submitted and completed AVAILABLE for Your Will all day every day. Those like Todd who are sacrificing all and stepping out, instead of hiding behind a keyboard. If you are part of the Kingdom of God, He needs more workers in the Harvest fields. Seek His Will for you and then act on it. This is not a spectator sport. God can only work through us. And, if you are not part of the solution…
    … I, myself have that healthy reverential fear of the Lord our God. How about you?

    Oh and Ray, I am sending this msg. out and please don’t take all this as being directed at you…The Lord is leading me and thank you for giving me a jumping off place. Be Abundantly Blessed.

  • There is a big difference between what happened in Azusa Street and what is happening in Lakeland. What happened in Azusa Street was a group of people repenting and getting right with God, which is what true revival is all about. As a student of revival, I’ve studied throughout history the great moves of God that changed the world at the time they occured. They were all marked by repentence. If you would like to reference Frank Bartleman, allow me to share some direct quotes from him:

    “Real soul travail is just as definite in the spirit as natural human birth pangs. The simile is almost perfect. No soul is ever born without this. All true revivals of salvation come this way.”

    “There is always much need of heart preparation, in humility and separation, before God can consistently come. The depth of any revival will be determined exactly by the spirit of repentance that is obtained. In fact, this is the key to every true revival born of God.”

    How about Charles Finney? What did he have to say about revival? Among man things,

    “Revival is a renewed conviction of sin and repentance, followed by an intense desire to live in obedience to God. It is giving up one’s will to God in deep humility.”

    What is the focus of these gatherings? Are people coming “for a sign”? Jesus said in Matthew 12:39 that, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign…” People are being healed around the world with far less fanfare.

    Is the focus on winning souls? How focused are the people on getting the sin out of their lives and getting right with God? Is there any conviction? Any sense of urgency for the need of holiness in the body of Christ?

    Or is all of this just a feel good session?

    It is not a revival of religion that does not:
    1) Move the people to prayer
    2) Cause people to change their ways, forsake their sins, and run to God
    3) Motivate people to go out and reach the lost and dying world we live in

    If all these people are talking about is healing, healing, healing and angels, this is no revival.

    And I’m Pentecostal, so I’m not an outsider looking in.

  • Andrew…I am perplexed and please forgive me in advance, I do not mean to offend but I need to ask this question. When you say I am Pentecostal does that mean that you are a Holy Spirit filled child of God who has recieved Salvation by the Cross of Jesus Christ? For if not, it matters not to God what religious billboard you want to post, you are then, without the infilling of the Holy Spirit, on the outside looking in.

  • Yes, I was born and raised in the Assemblies of God, and I was baptised in the Holy Spirit in my mid-teens. I said that to illustrate the fact that I am not a non-Pentecostal who is critical of everything related to being Spirit-filled. I have had many experiences with many different denominations, so I do not speak from ignorance.

    Out of curiosity, why even ask that? Tell me, how many non-Spirit filled types do you know that are interested in, or have even heard of for that matter, Azusa Street, Charles Finney, etc?

  • Andrew – I wouldn’t consider myself really charismatic, but I’ve been reading Charles Finney and have found the Azusa Street revival fascinating. Along with that, I enjoy reading about Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening that was happening in his day. Does that answer your question?

  • Andrew- The short answer is way too many! As an infant I was baptized in legalistic fashion through the religious ceremonies of the Catholic Church. Since I was not at all ready to know what I was participating in this baptisim was not effective. I say this to illistrate that YOU must be fully aware, in agreement with and committed to submission in order that Salvation and Baptism in The Holy Spirit is actually recieved. In my case age was an obvious factor however many, no matter the age, are just as unprepared when they do some legalistic thing and then falsely walk out the Christian life, reading everything of interest to try and grow…gaining only head knowledge. Can you plant a seed in concrete and have it grow? And if you sit in a garage all day, does that make you a car? My intent is to address your question and to open your eyes to what may be all around you. I walk by the leading of the Holy Spirit and is where I am right now…now is always…not just Sunday for an hour. God all day, everyday…Thank you Jesus.

  • Mary, maybe your upbringing as a Catholic explains why you continue to defend the false prophet Todd Bentley who it seems has now admitted to fooling around with a woman other than his wife while he was leading this so called revival…Mary, don’t you know that in the last days, there will be many false prophets, there will be a mass apostaphy, a mass falling away from the truth, and we are seeing that right now in Lakeland Florida. Mary, are you being paid by Todd Bentley to defend him ? Mary, please show everyone where in the Bible it says that a Christian leader is supposed to listen to an Angel named Emma. Mary, please show everyone in the Bible where a church service is supposed to have people acting out of control, as if they are drunk, unable to control their bodies, or the sounds coming out of their mouths….Mary, I suppose that you would say that these people have been slain in the spirit. Mary, slain in the spirit is not biblical either. So please Mary, please show everyone where in the Bible that these things are mentioned as being a move of GOD. It’s real simple people. Just take what has been going on in Lakeland and see if it lines up with the Bible. Mary wants to defend Todd Bentley but you must be able to back it up with scripture. Man is not supposed to worship Angels or listen to Angelic spirits. The true focus of any real Christian should be JESUS CHRIST and JESUS CHRIST alone. Jesus created everything. Jesus created the fallen angels like this fallen angel Emma who is directing Todd Bentley. The Bible says there will be a STRONG DELUSION in the last days that many people, like Mary for example, will fall for. So many people want to see SIGNS and MIRACLES and WONDERS and they forget to check and see if any of this junk lines up with the Bible. Mary, we are waiting for you to show us why these manifestations are bibically sound doctrine.


    That is a disturbing headline and is more proof that Mary is deceived and doesn’t recognize a false prophet when she sees one. Todd Bentley tells the congregation at Ignited church that God told him to tell people about the angels because God needs Todd to get people to believe in the supernatural. That people already believe in Jesus, but the church doesn’t believe in the supernatural.

    Mary, please enlighten us all why the focus and emphasis in on ANGELS and not JESUS ! Please explain how this is biblical teaching !


  • My Spirit is grieved. Once again we are exposed to the accuser. First dear Jimbo, or is it Mr. Truth???…I want to start by clarifing, I am not a Catholic, my parents were, I was a baby and when I became aware of God through my spirit I was safely led away from all that to experience True Salvation through Christ Jesus led in all knowledge and wisdom through His Holy Spirit.
    I am a daughter of the Most High God and he speaks through me. Now that we know who I am, it is clear that you are still hiding…you have not answered me (see post #42). I don’t really feel as though I need to answer you but in the interest of Jesus I will. I asked the Lord what he would have me answer and He gave me; Math.7:1-6.
    So it has been revealed to me that unless we have clarity on my original question to you we need not waste time here. What is more important time or money?… matters not to the devourer he tries to steal all. God’s people are good stewart’s, with sharp discernment for such traps. Oh, by the way I am not seeing any ref. to bible scripture in your writing either, but I see spirit clear as day. And angels are all over my bible which one are you reading, maybe it would help you to invest in a concordance.

  • P.S. The emphasis to the body of Christ in the revival at Lakeland is not on Todd nor angels. It is not on the attack on his family or manhood (as he is a human being) by the enemy. It is and was and will be on The Fruit, the healings, delieverances and praise God, souls raised from the dead. Leave it to the ungodly to throw light everywhere but on the Actual Fruit. Oh and there was only One perfect man, his name: Jesus.


    The Needed Closure on Todd Bentley

    (Note from Jan: Pastor Chris Elrod, Sr. Pastor, Compass Point Church, Lakeland, Florida, sums up the Todd Bentley scenario. None of us who were sounding warnings take delight in this closure. Yet we are relieved that fewer will now be harmed by another “counterfeit revival.” – Jan Markell)

    As I was on my way home from South Carolina last Thursday night, I got “the call.” My friend and fellow Lakeland pastor let me know that the news about Todd Bentley the news that had circulated around Lakeland for weeks was finally about to break. For months it had been rumor with very little hard facts to back it up. Local church leaders had been hearing things about Todd and Ignited Church that caused us to question even more the validity of the “revival.”

    Then the truth began to come out bit by bit, first to Lakeland and then to the world, and now Todd’s wife was in Canada getting help while he was “floating around” the United States trying to get his head together. Yes, Todd was legally separating from his wife. Yes, there was another woman involved. Yes, this was not the first time Todd had been involved with another woman.

    Yes, Todd and Ignited Church had failed to address concerns many being voiced by their own denomination and people who support such outpourings about the heresy being preached and displayed at the “revival.” Yes, there was not one single medical document to prove that any healing had actually taken place.

    As the fallout continues and more facts are beginning to emerge about everyone involved with this mess, I have begun to ask myself some pretty hard questions. Did I handle this correctly?

    When the first news began to break around here about Todd, healings, and the revival, I went to see it for myself. In all, I attended four separate “revival” meetings over a two-month period. I also watched countless hours of the events on the Internet. I witnessed Todd hollering “BAM” a lot. I witnessed “verification teams” in the parking lot carefully choosing people deemed candidates for “healing” while turning many others down. I watched ushers push ill children away from the stage area because they had not been preapproved for “healing.”

    I heard stories about pixie-dust-spreading angels and conversations with the Apostles in some abstract heavenly cabin. I saw leg drops, high kicks, head punches, and every other Wrestlemania cliche under the sun. I heard anonymous crazy stories about people being healed and others being raised from the dead. I heard and saw many strange things but nothing that even remotely kept with sound doctrine. Every biblical-discerning bone in my body showed me that there was nothing going on at the “revival” that was in keeping with God’s Word.

    I began to speak out against the revival, Todd, and Ignited Church, to our people. Mainly it was through our Journey Groups, one-on-one conversations, phone calls, and e-mails. However, I was advised by several other pastors not to speak out against it publicly because “I might be speaking against something that God is actually doing” (I wasn’t questioning God I was questioning Todd). I never addressed it from the pulpit because our podcast is heard by hundreds of people all over the world. I never blogged about it because I get a 1,000+ hits on a normal day.

    I dodged the questions about the revival in recent radio interviews I did in other parts of the United States. Finally, I refused to answer the hundreds of e-mails I got about the “revival” from other folks all over the world. In essence, I protected my flock from the three-ring circus and hoopla but did nothing to protect the Body of Christ as a whole.

    Hindsight they say is 20/20. It now turns out that all of the rumors were true. It now turns out that the scriptural discernment was correct. It now turns out that this was the same craziness without accountability that the leadership of the sponsoring church is known for. The three-ring circus has been packed up, the tents have been taken down, and the moral failure has been announced. Everyone involved is pushing back, and thousands of hurting people are left questioning God and their salvation.

    The question that I now have to ask myself and the question that will haunt me for quite a while is this. Did I sit on the sidelines while the playing field burned? Should have I blogged about it and spoken out about it publicly done more to get the word out to the rest of the world that this whole thing was about Todd and not God? I took care of my own house but should I have done more to take care of the entire neighborhood?

    Charismatic leader Dutch Sheets also humbled himself stating, “My assignment from the Lord is to repent on behalf of the leadership of the Charismatic Body of Christ. We have failed the Lord and His people in many ways. We must repent if we are to be trusted in the future. We, the leaders of the Charismatic community, have operated in an extremely low level of discernment. Frankly, we often don’t even try to discern. We assume a person’s credibility based on gifts, charisma, whether they can prophesy, or work a miracle.”

    NOTE FROM JAN: I am glad that these two leaders have been brave enough to speak out. Let’s hope that many other leaders will follow in their steps and lead their followers to test ALL things and not just follow every wind of doctrine.

  • There is so much to say. What a polarizing event this “revival” has been. I wonder to myself what is the 1 right answer that will reveal to all who read this as to the validity,(or lack there of)of Todd Bentley’s healing revival. I realize however that most people have already made up their mind based on their previous experiences and ideas. It’s interesting to note that most everybody posting on this blog claims to be spirit filled in one way or another yet there are two obvious camps on this issue that are in direct disagreement. They both cannot be right.

    It’s my hearts prayer that all will see the truth. As I read through the posts there were several things that caught my eye. As I don’t have space to address them all I will pick just a couple.

    The first followed my previous post(#20,21). Sherry accused me and those who doubted this revival as being judgmental. For those who have taken this view I encourage you to read Luke 12:54-57. In this passage Jesus states that when you see clouds, you can know that it is going to rain. When the wind blows from the south that you can know it’s going to be hot.We discern much around us yet He says we don’t judge what is right. There is nothing wrong with judging right from wrong. Also 1 John 1:1 says to test the spirits because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 1Th 5:21 says to prove all things.

    Secondly I am alarmed at all the talk of angels. I know and understand the ministry of angels is very biblical. The worship of angels however is not. Also remember that angels are messengers. They are ministering spirits. However, they DON’T in any way empower believers. Jesus said that we are to be witnesses of Him, not of angels. Anyone who says otherwise is deceived or lying. It is simply not biblical and is in fact contrary to the word.

    Azusa St. I won’t claim to know a ton about Azusa St. I will say this though. The outpouring at Azusa St came after a return to holiness. This is a lost phrase in our church today. Holiness is important! Hebrews 12:4 says that without holiness no-one will see God. This was not being preached in Lakeland. Only signs and wonders. Freedom. Forgiveness. Empowerment. All the benefits but not the cost. Salvation is free but will cost you everything.

    And finally as I stated before. Lets not get all caught up looking for the next great revival somewhere else. Instead seek revival in your own life. Then in your family. Then your church. Then your country etc, etc. We need not travel to experience God. He will meet you right where you are if you truly seek Him.

  • Dear Sir /madam,

    How are you doing together with your family and work?
    Hope all is going well as God planned. I do not know
    how you are going to feel about this email I sent to
    you, but I want to inform you that you should be so
    kind to accept it because i am only using this means
    to solicit for assistance from you.

    I am NKIRU EKE by name, fourteen years old girl, from
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    you for help. I lost my family members on ghastly
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    orphanage home before they got married to each other.

    Since then I have been putting my best to meet up with
    things around me but it was not easy for me. It was
    last three months one of my hands was cut off by a
    grinding machine, which really subjected me to be
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    many charity organization both here in Nigeria Africa and
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    nothing have heard from any of them, that was the
    reason I had to write to you as an individual ,knowing
    fully well that God can equally assist me through you.

    Please frankly and honestly speaking, I am very much
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    eyes for you to assist me with whatever financial
    assistance or help you can afford to enable me further
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    more as you come to my help,

    I wish you can consider me and to do me a favor and
    any amount of money help help me in paying my school
    fees and to feed and whatever you render to me God will
    always see you through in whatever you lay your upon
    God bless you in Jesus name Amen

    Please reply to this email: [email protected]

    Thanks and God bless
    Yours sincerely

  • “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”
    “The prophets are prophesying falsehood in My name I have neither sent them nor commanded them nor spoken to them; they are prophesying to you a false vision, divination, futility and the deception of their own minds.”

  • Todd’s affiliation with Bob Jones I fear could cause Todd and the revival to lose credibility. Bob Jones has been teaching about regularly going to the third heaven and even bringing children with him. I would have serious problems with the idea of being caught up regularly to the third heaven by faith (To have that experience from a biblical perspective would necessitate also having a thorn in the flesh which I didn’t see mentioned). I don’t know if Todd Bentley teaching this. If he is, then in a highly charged environment people could buy into this and go way off. Somehow I thought that his tattoos and earrings were from his previous life, but I watched him preaching in Toronto on Youtube and he didn’t have any tattoos. One therefore asks the question why the need for them? really don’t know what way I would view this as a whole. I don’t think he is deliberately setting out to deceive people. Like so many of these guys, I believe he started out right with the motive of bringing people to Christ and Iim inclined to think that is still his motivation. Leaving the manifestations aside, I believe that those attending are sincere and hungry for more of God or else they wouldn’t sacrifice time and money to go there. When people worship God in faith and expectancy then the climate is conducive for the Holy Spirit to move hence the salvations, healings etc. However, undoubtedly there is also the potential for demonic and fleshly manifestations. At this stage I would look for the fruit of those who have been there and also keep a watchful eye on Todd’s views on key doctrinal issues. CharlesFinney was quite unorthodox on one of the key central doctrines (justification by faith).

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