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The next World Race route

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This week I’ve seen 85 people come alive at our largest World Race training camp ever. I’m amazed at how God has blessed this ministry that was nothing but an interesting idea three and a half years ago. It’s been great to connect with many of the alumni from past Races who have volunteered their…
By Seth Barnes

This week I’ve seen 85 people come alive at our largest World Race training camp ever. I’m amazed at how God has blessed this ministry that was nothing but an interesting idea three and a half years ago. It’s been great to connect with many of the alumni from past Races who have volunteered their time to help staff it.

I want to invite you to be a part of this. If you’re a twenty- or thirty-something, consider applying for the World Race. If you’re a parent, minister, or just someone who’s passionate about the kingdom, I encourage you to share it with someone you know. The World Race isn’t so much about the trip as much as it is about the journey of life. We provide coaches and spiritual training to help participants process how God is transforming them. The result is usually a person who ends up being radically committed to God’s kingdom.
It’s been a privilege for me to have a part in this adventure. Below is the next World Race route (leaving this October) — it seems that the locations just get more exciting and the ministry continues to get more challenging. I hope that you’ll look into it.

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A country rich in history, Guatemala is the
perfect place to initiate your World Race experience. Outside of its
aesthetic appeal, it is a country in desperate need of God’s touch.
Gripped by poverty and bound to a spirit of religion, the people of
Guatemala are hungering to see the kingdom of God invade their lives.
World Racers radically change the atmospheres that they find themselves
in. So the kingdom of God that Guatemalans are eager to see? You’ll
bring it to them in the form of relationships, hard work, and miracles.


Hopelessness, addictions, destitution, and poverty. You’ll have the
opportunity to bring God’s love through slum
ministry, door-to-door outreach, VBS, and more.

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Nigeria or Cameroon

Who hasn’t ever wanted to go to Africa? For the World Race, western
Africa is an entirely new experience. Help us unearth God’s kingdom and
new ministries in this land ripe for revival, miracles, and growing
churches. Are you thirsty for adventure? You’re sure to get a dose of
it this month.

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The country of Ghana is an old friend of Adventures in Missions (AIM)
and we’re beyond thrilled to go back by sending the World Race.
Ghanaians are ready and willing to hear the word of God preached, to
have their orphans and widows cared for, and for a miraculous move of
God to bust out in their country. World Racers prepare yourselves –
this month is going to be unforgettable!

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Pioneer Africa

Twice during your World Race experience, your team will take a month to
ATL (ask the Lord) for a new mission field. He may lead you someplace
in the middle of a buzzing city or somewhere that can’t even be found
on a map. Either way, it’s a time of listening to the Lord’s voice and
following him with true abandon.


The northern regions of Romania are home to the gypsy people. Though
strangers in their homeland and forgotten by society, the gypsies are a
strong and vibrant people who embrace the light of Christ in an
inspirational way. Here you’ll teach English, lead sports camps, live
life with the gypsies, and more.

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Caught between
its past oppression under the USSR communist regime and the desire to
be accepted by Western society, Ukraine is a land of many ups and
downs. Thankfully, there’s hope, light, and life spreading like
wildfire throughout this nation. Is it the kingdom of God coming in power? We think so.

Pioneer Eastern Europe

God’s been waiting
for a generation to go claim nations as its inheritance, to usher in
his kingdom all over the world. This is your month to ask the Lord how
to do that in Eastern Europe. Ready for some adventure? You’ll get it
this month.


The Church in Vietnam is thriving, although
underground. Gripped by communist rule for decades, Christians in
Vietnam are eager to be grown and encouraged in the faith. So this
month, you’re going to risk a little and visit this country that has
become a dear friend to many on the World Race.


28 years ago, Cambodia experienced one of the most gruesome genocides
known to man where over one third of the country’s population was
slaughtered. Still in recovery from their past, the people of Cambodia
are thirsty for hope.


nearly two million people estimated to be stuck inside of prostitution
in Thailand, it has become one of the most popular places for sex
tourism. Change lives in the city and rock worlds in the countryside. Thailand’s
sure to capture your heart.

Katie Rowland just completed her year on the World Race and sums up the difference it can make in her recent blog:
malawi12Many people have dreams of traveling the world, experiencing cultures, loving
and being loved by 31 other people, playing with orphans around the
world, and seeing the good work that churches and missionaries and NGOs
are doing across the continents of this earth. So, yes, it does sort of all seem like a dream…but as I’ve been
pondering all that God has shown me along the road on the World Race,
I’ve realized one thing.
The World Race is NOT a DREAM.
   It is an AWAKENING!
Before the Race, I had a heart for the nations, to some extent. I
desired to learn more about this world I call home and how to bring
Jesus’ love to the nations. But I was ASLEEP…
My faith remained UNTESTED.
My comfort zones remained SECURE.
My heart remained UNBROKEN.
My love and my dreams remained SELFISH.
My vision remained CLOUDED.
My identity remained SHAKY.

Now I know that my old life, my pre-Race life, was more like the dream.
It was lovely and nice and full of happy things and comforts and,
honestly, naive ignorance. It was the typical American life, which
millions around the world do, indeed, dream of.

But my soul, my heart, my spirit have BEEN AWAKENED!

My faith has been TESTED and strengthened.
My comfort zones have been SHAKEN.
My heart has been BROKEN.
My human love has fallen short, as I’ve been filled with the LOVE OF JESUS. 
My dreams have become more like the dreams of GOD.
My vision is CLEARER.
My identity has been SECURED.
My message is STRONG…I have something to say, and I am going to say it for the rest of my life.


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